First journey to exploring and learning more

As a mixed media artist I get a little overwhelmed by the number of resources available.  When I first discovered that I was a mixed media girl I couldn’t wait to learn more and more about other artist and how they produced their art.  Then the information over load began.  I started to and still do check out 15-20 books every time I go to the library.  With so many talented artist creating and teaching the shelves are full of wonderful teaching materials.  I have found out that my ADHD mind loves to look and gasp but brining home so many different things I never really get anything done.

Since I am a serious artist now.  Being, that I actually have an art studio gave up my daytime job and told someone a few months ago that I am an artist. I decided it was time to start taking these art book seriously.  I have choosen the first book to go through, experiment and learn with.  I have checked this book out many times and eventually bought it.  I love pulling it off the shelf to help get my creativity swirling around.

The book is DRawing Lab- for Mixed Media artists By Sonheim Isbn: 13-978-1-59253-613-9                                             You can find out more about Carla Sonheim at her website

This book brings you through 52 creative exercises that promise to make drawing fun.

I love doodling and sketching anything I see.  I have a hard time at doing it as a habit and creating my own ideas.  I lean more towards illustration and love to draw anything that makes me smile.  I choose this book to be my first book because in doing mix media it seems many artist have their few illustrations and doodles they add to their art. Many are of fantasy looking girls (, or fun birds, and more.  I am hoping to be able to find my few things I like to draw by going through this book.

If any of you are going through the book I would love for you to post your drawings and thoughts.

Lets learn to draw and have fun while doing it.


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