Welcome to Crazy Beautiful Art

Here it is another crazy idea that has been blooming in my head for a few months now.  I couldn’t think of a better time to start on this journey than the New Year.  Here it is January 2012, I can hardly believe it and secretly sad that flying cars are not invented yet.  About two years ago I discovered art in a way that I have never seen it before.  Since I was a little girl I have been designing and sewing my own clothes, handbags, and gifts.  The passion for art has always been there.  I loved getting into flour and water and stiring it with my bare hands only to spread it onto strips of newspaper to creat a sculputure of my own.  Anything I could get my hands on turned into something else.  But I never saw that as art.  My father is an amazing oil painter and I would sit in front of the tv watching Bob Ross on the Joy of Painting whipping up some of his amazing mountian scences.  My dad would then go to his art area and create some of the most amazing still life paintings.  Oil painting seemed long, tedious, and boring.  Just recently my mother retired from the militart and took up water coloring.  She has been taking art classes at the community college like there M&M’s. It’s seems as if overnight she has become a master watercolorist.  This made me wonder if I had any hidden talent.  I know I can design costumes, and create junk into beautiful things.  But, was there room for me in the art world that required a paint brush.  I started to think mostly during church of all places about art I would like to do.  I started to daydream about collages and fabric mixed together.  My first work of art was on a ply wood sheet.  I loved it and realized that this could be art too.  It started to explain to others what I was doing and someone mentioned the word Mix Media.  I googled it, Mix Media Art.  It really was a real things, I couldn’t believe it.  There actually was an art method that was recognized in a true art community called Mix Media Art.  I didn’t have to stick to just Oil or Watercolor.  I could do it all and then some.

It’s been almost two years and everyday is a great discovery into the world of art.  I went to India in July of 2011 and came back knowing that I needed to do more with my art.  I closed down my hair salon that I was doing in my home and with the support and love of my family was given a room for an art studio.  I now have my very own place to ecscape to.  Being a mom of three boys I don’t get many chances but, the few I do I savor.

I am at the point where I need to foucs my learing and hone in on certian skills.  Kind of like you do when you are body building.  In the gym you come to a point where everything is nice and lean.  Then you start to look at the problem areas and training those more until it’s not a problem area any longer.  I feel pretty lean when it comes to my art skills.  I know which area of art I want to fall under and I have a base of talent to work from.  It is now time to start toning up my skills.

I want to invite you on this journey as I discover who I am as an artist.  I have a feeling that this journey will never end until the day I take my last breath.  It’s so exciting to learn more and get connect with other artist.  I hope you find my stories inspiring and share about your journey you are on.  I want to hear from you about how you are using your art to change the world.  I know someday my art will make a difference and until that day comes I will just keep creating.  Art is healing and has such freedom.  I have a huge heart from helping sex trafficked victims and hope someday I can combine my art and passion for freedom in a way that will heal and set others free.

Come and join me in a journey of discovery and freedom.  Laughter, joy and tears.  As I embark into a whole new world of ART.


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