I do more painting when I am not painting

I dream a lot. I do more painting when I’m not painting. It’s in the subconscious.
::: Andrew Wyeth ::

Everyday I am observing everything that surrounds me.  When I am in the store I am looking at the way clothes are designed, handbags are made, and the art desgins that cover just about everything.  The other day at church a friend of mine was carrying a Nordstrom shopping bag.  The kind that is made out of a brown bag material and has a paper handle, the kind that ends up in the trash a few days later.  I pulled her to the side and asked if I could take pictures of it.  I loved the illustrations that was on it.  She gave me a look as if I was crazy, but she still allowed me to take pictures.  Her comment was, “I must be an artist because she didn’t even notice the cute animals on it.”  I have no idea how she didn’t see them.  Look at this owl it’s so cute.

This got me thinking about how other people think.  I wonder if anyone else looks at the world and wonders how they can re-create what they are looking at.  From clothes to shoes to even buildings I am always wondering how can I make that in my own way.

Each week I plan on updating you as to what I did as an artist.  What discoveries I made, who or what did I discovered, and what I am working on.  My desire is that you will be inspired and maybe learn something new too.  I am going to call this section A well spent week=happy sleep.   It’s from the quote from Leonardo da Vinci, “As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so a life well spent brings happy death.”  If you have suggestions or comments I would love to hear them.  I believe that  being an artist is a discipline that you will never reach the top of all knowledge.  Everyday if you look hard enough there will be something new to learn.


  • I was able to work on the first lab in Drawing for Mixed Media Artist.  I drew so many cats that I started to draw them dead on their backs and crosses for their eyes.  That’s when I knew I had drawn enough.  I did create a few I really like and plan on using them some day.  It taught me that if you draw something enough times you eventually draw something good.
  • Went to Michaels with my coupon to get a frame for a piece of work I create a while ago.  Getting something custom framed can be super expensive.  After stressing and stressing over it I found an oversized frame and decided to cut my own mat.  Seeing my art work in a frame for the first time brought tears to my ears.  I’m such an emotional girly girl sometimes.
  • When visiting  Guiry’s my local art store I found some fabulous handmade papers.  I also grabbed some purple indian ink.  I started on two paintings that I am doing on the papers.  It’s turning out so amazing I can’t wait to see what they look like when I am done.
  • This week was the first Friday of the month which means ART WALK.  If you live in Denver you have to go to the Sante Fe Art walk.  It is a street full of galleries and they all have an open house on the same night.  I love going and meeting the other artist.  Looking at all the art gives me inspiration and drive to go to my studio and create something great.


  • Indian ink watered down on banana paper is not very bright.  Almost like a watercolor.
  • When creating art work you may want to think about making it fit into a standard size.  This will save time and money when you go frame it.

Happy creating Go Crazy

Amanda Foltz


2 responses

  1. Very inspiring, thanks! I learned never to throw my art away because I thought it wasn’t “good enough” keep a sample of art through the years, when you look back at it you will be amazed how far God has brought you on this journey. Having you to give the other art to re-purpose is a free feeling, wondering how other artists could give you discards?

    • I love the thought of never throwing away your art. I know I look at some of the stuff I do and want to hide it. Others I can’t wait to show it to someone.
      I love the repurpose effect in mixed media. My mother does the amazing watercolors and at times she makes a small mistake and throws the whole sheet out. She saves her “mess up’s” for me to put into my work. The make wonderful journal covers and more.

      What other ways have you used other peoples art to create your own?

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