Paint like a crazy woman in love with Art

For the love of art I paint like a crazy woman.  I woke up at 6:00am this Saturday morning no longer wanting to dream of what I could create.  I jumped out of bed and threw on a sweater with some comfy pants.  I just about ran downstairs to make coffee only to dash back up the stairs to my studio.  I’ve been working on a project of the ocean and couldn’t wait to work on it.  My sewing machine had other plans.  Both of my sewing machines had other plans.  I was half expecting trouble from the Beast but not from the one my grandma just gave me.  Instead of spending the morning screaming at a machine I picked up a paint brush.  This week I found a book, okay twenty, books at the library.  It’s been inspiring flipping through the pages and gather ideas and inspiration. One book caught my attention and has tons of amazing ideas.  The book is called, Art at the Speed of LIfe by Pam Carriker.  I decided to give the ideas a test drive and had a great time.  While the paint dried I fixed my beast for a moment and was able to get in some stitching. Until it broke again.

Flipping through those inspiring books and magazines gave me an idea to start a resource page.  As I find some amazing resources I will add to the list.  I would love suggestions of your favorite books or artist that inspire you. LIfe is too short to stare at a blank page.  If you mind is blank copy someones till you develop your own.


  • Worked on Lab 2 in Drawing for Mix Media artist. Fell in love with giraffes.  They are so cute and very fun to draw
  • Went to the library and stocked up lots of inspiring books.
  • Started a major project that will end in a beautiful ocean
  • Paint, draw, create and much much more.  Just about every day was spent creating and enjoying life.
  • I made the cutest apron.  If you live in Denver you have to check out the store Fabric Bliss.


A few things I learned this week:

  • You can’t soak paper in the tub with bleach.  It will start to break apart and end in a mess.  I placed it on freezer paper to see if I could save it.
  • Gesso is very useful.  I used to think it was a waste till I started to use it a lot more. Your paint glides on to the surface so much better with a gesso base.

2 responses

  1. 1. Love the Kitty and think you should be very proud, you are growing as an artist when you can let others learn from your mistakes. Don’t worry, we’ve all put paper in the freezer after soaking it in the tub with bleach…. OK, maybe I am wrong about this fact…
    2. You know you’ve developed the right level of passion when you run to the studio to create, great job!
    3. Paint more and read less.

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