Art as a gift from God

This last two weeks have been emotional and hard on me.  Two weeks ago on Monday I found out my sister was having a miscarriage.  I dropped everything, found a babysitter, packed my bags and art bag and drove eight hours to go see her.  When I arrived I was not prepared for the hardship my sister was going through.  The loss of the baby was only a tip of the iceberg of problems she had. It’s hard to imagine those you love going through a difficult situation.  You hear of the problems over the phone and want to believe it’s not as bad as they say.  As I sat at my sister’s kitchen table wondering how my sister will ever overcome all the trials in her life I noticed a wonderful work of art.  It was colorful and had wonderful repurposeditems wound all around it.  On the back of it was a message of encouragement to my sister.  The artist Nicole made the artwork at the bar my sister was working at.  Nicole had gone in to grab something to eat and was pressed from God to create something for my sister.  It’s amazing how we can use our art to touch other people that we don’t even know.

Nicole calls this on the go artwork, “Trash art”. She makes it out of whatever she has on hand.  Most of all she makes it with God to bless another person.  Nicole did not know what my sister was going through.  She didn’t know my sister personally. What she did know is how to use a gift that God gave her to bless others.  Thank you Nicole for pouring into my sister’s life.

 By Nicole Harvieux

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  • On my trip learned how to make paper beads.
  • Finished my fine art project of Monterey Bay
  • Tried and failed to create an art journal out of a magazine
  • Re-organized my studio :I threw out all the “little projects” and donated them to my son’s school.  I had to get rid of all the little things keeping me from the true art.  A clean art studio helps with my ADHD and keeps me focused.
  • invented AmandaDoodles- more on them coming soon
  • Came up with Happy scraps more on them coming soon


A Few Things Learned

  • When making an art journal out of a magazine be prepared for an extensive amount of time going into preparation.  I loved how it looked but the time it took to prep was too much for me.
  • Too much Matte Gel can turn white.  Try adding a thin layer at a time instead of globbing it on.  It may be fun globbing it on but the ending result is not.
  • You can coat paper beads with nail polish.  Something everyone has on hand.
Hope you have a wonderful week creating and having fun!!
Amanda Foltz


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