Happy Scraps are here!!

It’s been a little while since I have updated my blog.  But, I have been working on a very exciting new project.  I have finally finished creating Happy Scraps and will be offering them to the world soon.

What is a happy scrap?

Happy Scrap is a repurposed, reusable, greeting card.  Write a message on the back with liquid chalk and pass it on to a friend.  Then they can wipe off the message with water and pass it on to another making someone else very happy.

They are made out of 50% repurposed material.  The scraps came from other projects and would otherwise be thrown away. Not only is it made out of repurposed material but it is a “green” greeting card.  The back of the card is made out of chalk board material.  Write your message, pass it on, then the next person can do the same thing.  Who knows where the happy scrap will go?

Goal of Happy Scraps?

With enough interest I plan on turning Happy Scrap into a non-profit. It is my hope to create such a demand that I need to hire women who are be rehabilitated from street work to sew them. Then with a continuous demand hire widows in India who need a way to support themselves and pay them a fair wage.


Can’t wait to share them with you all.

Have an amazing blessed day.

Amanda Foltz


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