Art Journaling: Introduction

I have had reservations when I first heard about Art Journaling.  I thought that it was a waste of time and why would I create an art journal that no one would see.  Then I started one and I feel in love.  It’s so freeing to create on such a non-judgemental medium.  I can paint and collage without wondering who will buy it and who will like it.  The creation is just for me and it teaches me to do better and be better.  The trick to art journaling is to learn to lighten up.  It teaches you to not take your art so seriously. There is no right way and there is no wrong way in creating an art journal.

Here is a simple way of getting started

  • The platform for your Art journal

What inspires you?  Is it old books, a fresh notebook, newspapers, fabric. choose a platform that inspires you to be creative.

  • Create a creative base

You may want to gesso to book pages or newspaper.  Maybe create some watercolor washes.  Or leave the pages blank to see what the day my bring.

  •  Each day

As you sit in your studio or at your kitchen table, open up your art journal.  Create, doodle, draw, collage paint.  Use your journal to get your creative juices flowing.

Stuck on ideas?  I clip things that inspire me out of magazines, I take Evernote ( clips of art I love or even use your pin board ( to get inspired.  I keep the clippings in a folder and grab one out when I am stuck.  It’s amazing how copying things you love and help you create something of your very own.

Most of  all have fun creating things you love.

I would love to see what adventures you are creating.  Share them in the comments and lets all inspire each other.

Below are a few pages from one of my art journals.






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