Grand Opening: Sneak Peak

The day is almost here that I will be opening my brand new Etsy store under the name of Fiber Lily.  I am so excited to share with you the art journals I have been working on.

The first line of art journals I will be selling are repurposed watercolor sheets.  My mother is an artist and a really good one at that.  She is very much a perfectionist and paints 24/7.  I wonder if she ever sleeps.  One day I went in her studio and saw stacks of watercolor painting that looked amazing to me.  She sighed and said that was her trash pile.  Those poor little paintings just didn’t make the cut.  She was hesitant to get rid of them because of the time and how expensive the watercolor paper was.  So she just couldn’t bring herself to throw them out.   I knew right away what I would do with them.   I’ve made art journals out of Starbucks coffee bags and was looking for a new medium to build on.  These were perfect!

A little more about the journals:

Most of the watercolor paper is Waterford Saunders 200lb.  It does vary but not by much.  Filled up inside are 40 pages of 60+lbs of wonderful blank pages.  With amazing pictures on the front and empty pages on the inside you are sure to be creating in no time.  They are 8 1/2 x 6 inches, just the right size to throw in a purse or whatever you tote around. They will be sold for 9.00 and you can find them at: ETSY

With much excitement here is your sneak peek:

To see more vista my store on Monday March 19th.

Love to hear what you think.

Have an amazing weekend.

Amanda Foltz


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