How to: Art Journal on Magazine

I have been playing with using my old magazines as art journals.  It took a few tries to get something that works for me without making me go crazy.

I first started out with an old Glamour issue.  I went through the whole magazine and put 1 part gesso with 2 part water all over the pages.  In between some of the pages I place freezer paper.  This created some fun texture as some of the pages dried to together.  Yet I thought it was too much work and I didn’t enjoy creating on the pages.  Here is what it looked liked.

I worked in it a while and then abandoned it.  I believe if it’s not working or giving you joy stop doing it.  I grabbed another magazine and this time took blank watercolor paper and glued it to about every 5th page. Then I took black paint and painted a frame around each page and glued the extra pages together with a glue stick.  Already just looking at it started to inspire me to create.  I created a college picture on the front using some old patterns I got at Goodwill. (Hint: In my art journals I use my cheap craft paint.  This gives me peace knowing if I scrap something or abandon it I am not wasting a ton of money or good paint. I do all my mock ups with cheap glue and cheap paint.) . On some of the pages I cut to be different sizes and shapes. I love working in this journal


With art journaling the biggest thing to remember is to have fun and it’s just for you.  Create things you love and love looking at.  Don’t worry who will see it and how it will turn out.  If you don’t like it college over it.

Can’t wait to see what you are creating.

Amanda Foltz


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