Art Journal: Doodling

When you are creating in your art journal life seems to stop and it’s just you and your tools.  Sometimes  it’s frustrating when ideas just are not there.  I am learning a new technique that will improve your art doodling beyond imagination.  The book is called Zenspirations and was created by Joanne Fink.  She developed the process based upon Zentangle.  I have not been able to purchase the Zentangle kit and my book at the library is still on hold but there is always You tube.

After going throughout the Zenspiration book my doodling has gone to a whole new level.  I also looked Zentangle up on you tube and they have a few instructors who are showing you the process.  My husband encouraged me to buy the pens they suggest using.  I took my 40% off coupon to Michaels and purchased a package of Prismacolor Premier Micron pens.  I am in love with my micron pens.  I am using them in all my work now.  They are the best purchase I have made for my art arsenal.

Here are some designs I have been playing around with:

I would love to see what you come up with and how you are using this technique.

Have a crazy beautiful day creating

Amanda Foltz


3 responses

  1. ooo your Zen doodling is great…very inspiring…makes me want to get busy 🙂
    and you are so right the right pens and even the paper you use make a difference

    fun seeing so much creativity here
    I am getting the “I am hungry” call…a broken leg has not made my son lose his appetite 😉

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