Art Show Contest… SO Nervous

As a new artist the biggest and scariest thing I can think of is about to come true on Sunday.  I have been working on a call for artist that I found on Craigslist.  A gallery is asking artist to create a painting on the idea of spring.  Since I am in love with creating wonderful birds I knew this was the first contest I should try for.  But, I’m terrified!  I’m so scared that they are going to tell me I should find something else to do with my time.  I look at my birds I have been working two months on and I smile when I see them.  They bring me joy to watch them and think of them flying around and then finding each other in the sky and having little baby birds.  Oh, sorry off in la la land again.

Do you want a sneak peek at them?

Along with working on those painting I have been working on a light sculpture.  This started as a baby bulb and then has bloomed and then almost died.  As I was working on it I was praying and asking God how it could glorify Him.  I heard, “His light through chaos”.   I started to form it to look like chaos. The beginning form is amazing.  Then I needed to spray paint the inside.  I didn’t think about covering up the light socket and boom. In one moment the whole thing destroyed.  I called around to some lighting companies and they verified its death. The guy gave me some good advice.  I should make sure the light fixture is removable and fixable so that if years down the road something happens the person who bought it can just get it fixed.

The great thing is that I was able to cut out the bottom and redesign it.  It came back to life and I can’t wait to show it to you all when it’s done.  Lesson learned and now you know.  Don’t spray the inside of the light socket!

Hope you have a very creative and fun and happy and … weekend.



3 responses

  1. I can understand your nervousness, but your bird look awesome! I’m sure the whole set look amazing! No one will tell you that you should be doing something else with your time! When you show them, be calm and confident, try and act like you’ve done this a million times before, and the more you pretend, the easier it will be to make it real!
    P.S the light sculpture sounds amazing, can’t wait to see it!

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