The unexpected-A call for artist

Today was one of the best days of my life.  It was the scariest and yet rewarding day that I can remember in a very long time. I received some very amazing advice from a blogger friend to be cool and act like I have done this a million time.  When I say done this, I am talking about applying for a “call for artist”. In the morning I decided to go to church and not arrive at the beginning of the call time. As soon as church was over I couldn’t wait to rush downtown and at the same time I wanted to hide or fall sick or something.  My husband came with me and I was so very excited to have him there to share with me this moment that I have been working towards since I decided to call my self an artist.

When we arrived at the gallery there was a line of anxious artist holding their wonderful artwork.  I sat at the table filling out our forms with butterflies in my stomach as my wonderful husband made sure I was following the instructions.  Something that I am not that good at.  As we left there was two hours till I would know if I need to come back or not.

We walked around downtown and ate in the Highlands area.  The Highlands just built some very chic lofts and has a some great boutiques.  Then we found ourselves at REI looking at what sport we should take up when snowboarding is all over. That’s when 2:00 found it’s way on my watch.  I dialed the phone and the first time it went to voicemail.  Calling back the second time seemed ever so much harder.  They answered and put me on hold once getting my name.  I could hear her in the background and she was saying one of mine of accepted and one of them was not.  When she came back to me I realized she was not talking to me or about me.  She told me that I need to come pick up my paintings and I said okay I would be right there and hung up.  Tears started to but I held back. I paid money to put those in the judging and I need to make sure I could ask what I could do better.

I went to pick them up and to my surprise they accepted one.  Not the humming birds but one that I back in August. The one I thought they wouldn’t take.  SURPRISE!


Here is what I learned:

*Be cool and make friends.  Smile and talk with the ones running it.  They are really nice if you get to know them.

* They liked the framed one.  It pays to invest in great framing.

* Also they gave me great advice on what to do better on the ones they did not take.  Don’t be afraid to ask.


Want to see what piece they took?  Come see for yourselves.  My art will be displayed from March 26-Apr 3 at the Niza Knoll Gallery

915 Santa Fe Drive Denver, Co 80204

There will be an artist reception on Sat March 31 from 2-4pm.

Hope to see you then



3 responses

  1. How wonderful and exciting.
    Congrats on taking the big step to put yourself out there AND BIG Congratulations on having your art included in the show!
    Wish I lived closer to you instead of probably 1500 miles away

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