Art Journal: Creating a Background

Start with a blank page in your art journal.  Some like to make a whole bunch of backgrounds at one time.  I am learning that I hate mass production and love sitting down to a blank canvass.  There is something calming about starting a new thing.  You will have to determine what you like and how you work.

You will need a glue mixture.  For my art journals I use elmers glue with 1 cup water and 1/4 cup of glue.  I keep it in a tub so it never dries out.  For my fine art I use Mod Podge with the same dilution or straight gel matte medium with no dilution.

I have a drawer full of scraps from previous projects that I love to reach into and just grab something out.  Like when you were a kid and at the dollar store they had the $1 grab bags and you couldn’t wait to see what you got. If you don’t have a grab box just start with tearing pages out of a romance novel or dictionary.

Today we will create a very random background with no particular picture in mind.

Start by pasting down the pages in a very random method.  If you have a hard time being random try this: Coat the blank journal page with glue and sprinkle the book pages over the page.  Use an old brush to brush the glue mixture over the book pages.  I like using a paint brush from home depot that is very inexpensive.

Next you want to lay down a background of colors.  In celebration of Spring I will be laying down a yellow and pink background.  You can use stencils to add shapes and texture to the background.

Have fun creating your amazing backgrounds.  I would love to see what your up to.  Also this tutorial will be available on you tube.

Have a crazy amazing day



4 responses

  1. I love how the background turned out! Very nice! I have tried the elmers glue watered down, and it usually leaves a crackle-y finish on my pages, have you had that problem too? It looks kinda cool sometimes, but when I need a smooth finish its a problem.
    Also, I tagged you in a game of blog tag because I love your art and wanted to share it with others! There is no obligation to play along, I know you are busy, but you can check out the rules on my blog and if you want to play along that would be great!

    Have a great day!

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