Using Color in your art- from the shrink’s point of view

Using Color in your art- looking at it from the shrink’s point of view.

Art that sells and get’s notice is art that stirs emotion inside of you. Have you ever looked at a painting and felt a stirring in you chest?  There is a reason for that and a way to recreate those emotions in others.  For years culture all around the world have known and understood about colors and how they can heal, create, and serve a purpose in life. When I was in India is was very clear that the culture knew and understood the power of color.

Next time you sit down to start a new project ask yourself what emotion do you want people to feel when they look at this piece. Try creating a color swatch and put it in view of where you are creating the art.  Use it as a guide as you paint, cut, collage, mix, splash and sew something into existence.

Here is a look at colors and some of the things they can represent and cause you to feel.


+) Purity, spiritual,innocence

-) cold, fear, mourning,sterile

RED- Stimulates strong emotions.




+)love,romance,innocence, girls,subdue

ORANGE- been knowing for healing properties by increasing blood to the brain

+)energy,enthusiasm,sunshine,tropical,joy,fascination,happy,encouragement,stimulation,action,creativity,sexual desire, (golden form)-wealth,prestige

-) deceit,distrust,aggression

“whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.” Legally Blonde





The physiology today report said that babies cry more in yellow rooms and that people loose their tempers more. This can’t be a good combination people!  We should ban yellow from babies rooms.




+)calming,spring,tranquility, good luck,money,nature,peace







-)overly romantic,sentimental,injury,artificial


BLACK- Is the absence of color, it absorbs all light

+)Sexual,sophisticated, formal,slimming


If you want to learn more here are two websites that had a ton of great information:


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