IKEA- Your fabric destination

My kids have been consuming my life as children do. We have had two children with broken bones from football.  School registrations, school problems, and sports 5 nights a week with 2-3 games on Saturdays.  I really think I have grayed more in just this week than the last 33 years. Even with all the craziness I am still finding some time to create.

Did you know IKEA has material?  It’s so retro and fun, funky and cool.  Most of it is just under $10 a yard.  I made this purse out of material I purchased at IKEA.   Don’t forget to check out IKEA next time you want a heavy material for your next project.

Last thought:  They have curtains that are $15 for 2 panels.  It may end up being cheaper to buy white material from them.  It ends up being less that $5 a yard.





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