Sculpt me a new….

I am pleased to say that my sculpture is done.  That is everything I can do to it.  My husband is going to help install the lighting part and screw the bottom onto the base.  But my hands are done sculpting.

Take a look and let me know what you think.  The price is going to be set at $900 and it  is a light.  It reminds me of a coral reef and at the end of the month and will submitting it into a show called H20.

The best thing about finishing a project is starting a new one.  I have a new painting and a new sculpture in mind now I just need to make the time.  Good thing is that science fair is over and I found a tutor for my son.  With the broken bones we won’t be having sports five night a week just two and only one game on Saturdays.  I just may get in some art.   Usually I paint at 5am before everyone wakes up.  I just haven’t been getting out of bed.  This coming week I promise to my WordPress peeps and followers to get up and get  painting.

Living a crazy beautiful life

Amanda Foltz


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