Want to be Inspired

I was going through my photo album on iPhoto and was looking at an album I labeled “Art Inspiration”.  When ever I see something I love I take a snap shot of it and throw it in that album.  When I’m in my studio and feeling a little blank I scroll through the pic to get ideas flowing.

So today I thought I would share with you a few of those pics.  Hope they inspire you and your studio starts calling your name.

This is a store front in Germany.  I loved all the things made out of mens ties.

Anthropology: love this store

Just walking into it inspires me.

I love India, can’t wait to go back

Love all things foreign and exotic   


One response

  1. I do this too! I go through the photos on my camera phone fairly often and change the file name to reflect what they are a photo of and where I found them so that I can reference them later if need be.
    When I see things online that I love, I pin them to pintrest (if appropriate) so that I don’t lose them, or save the link to my bookmarks.

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