Spring Craziness

It’s spring and my life has yet been flipped up side down.  My three sons are now going three different directions and I once again live in my van.  Bringing them to this sport or that it makes me want to scream, “Go speed racer, GO!”  On top of that it’s getting hot and the little one loves going to the pool.  I spent the winter snowboarding and painting, mostly painting.  Putting a swim suit on brings me to tears.  This had a cause and effect of me running to the gym screaming, HELP ME.  With me trying to loose the 20lbs I put on after having my thirteen year old.  With all the running around to these events I have hardly step foot into  my art studio.  I went in there two days ago to clean up the dog poop my ridiculously cute dog thought would be funny to leave behind. I still find time to be artsy on the go though.  I’ve been into making these wrap bracelets and doodling a lot lately.  Even with all this craziness I still managed to get spring cleaning into my system. My whole house is torn apart.  I hate just about everything in it.  So I am going around and collecting everything I can find for a garage sale.  Mamma wants money for lien material to make a new pair of curtains ( and a rug, and bed spread and …) ! It’s just one of those seasons.

I just was told one of my best friends is moving.  She is about one of the only people who gets me.  Mostly likely because she is married to an artist. Plus side of her moving is, she gave me her old head board to refinish.  I will be posting pics soon.  I just need to find the best color scheme for the bedroom.

This is an art blog and you want to see art.  So here it is. Below is a picture that I created out of tissues.  I use tissue instead of paper towels to wipe of my brushes.  They create so many fun colors and designs.  Then I collage them and sew on them.  It is one of my favorite ways to create.


Have a beautiful crazy creative Day



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