DIY- Button Headboard

This is the head-board that my friend gave me.  I thought of painting it and still might if I get tired of the purple.  My husband and I love to read in bed and work on our laptops.  I decided to try a button headboard so that we would have something soft to lean against.  Because I didn’t want to lose the chance to paint it I used the back of the headboard.

I used a 1 inch piece of foam.  I would really suggest if you were going to do this to use a plywood sheet and 2 inch or more of foam.  My budget was really tight and I already had the headboard.  First cut the foam to the desired shape.  I wanted the foam to go around the board.  I left some over hang to have that effect.

Next you take your material and cut it to the desired shape.  I had to sew pieces together so that I would have enough length and keep the patter running the direction I wanted it to go.  Next mark out where you want the buttons.

I screwed the screws into a ply wood sheet that I wood glued to the back of the headboard when I was done.  This allowed for tight tucks.  Another way of doing this by taking really strong string and sewing them in.  Use a stick on the back to tie the string around so that it won’t pull back through the pre-drilled hole.  There are many wonderful tutorials on YouTube to watch before you decide to take on this project.  I could not do this because I re-buttoned fabric buttons by hand that were not strong enough to pull through.  I ended up just taking fabric glue and glueing the buttons onto the screws.  It worked out really good.

Most people quoted $175- 200 for a finished project.  I think that would be very accurate if doing this correct.  My project cost me $40.00.  That was for foam and material.

Have fun with your next upcycle project. 🙂


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