I still like me

When my husband is out-of-town I get lots of time in the studio.  I’ve been painting away.  I just finished a book box that has been on my to do shelf for a really long time.  I used a Michael’s book box and then collaged it with dictionary pages.  Then I painted and collage some more with handmade papers.  I placed one of my doodles from the Sunday doodles on the front.  I love the way it looks and turned out.  Better yet it fits on the bookshelf and you can place all those doodles inside that don’t have a place yet.


Take a look:

I re did the doodle on a book page and below it says, “I still like me”


Hope your having a wonderful creative day.




3 responses

    • Thanks. It was really fun. I think I will use a tape transfer for the next one. Great thing is I have a place for this art. Instead of looking at books. Just take it down and look through a box of goodies. Kinda excited about the idea of a shelf of art.

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