I’ve been working out.. ALOT


One of my newest endeavors is getting in shape.  About five weeks ago my husband and I started on our journey of fitness.  I got so excited about it I started a blog about it.  It’s one of the things, the blog is, that I am giving up to make room for more important things in my life.  My husband is loosing a ton of weight and is looking great.  I have lost a couple of pounds, one dress size and 9% of my body fat.  My jeans are very loose.  I sometimes want to stop and it gets crazy trying to cook all the food for all six meals a day per person but, it’s gonna be worth it.  I try to drink a gallon of water a day and I love to draw and paste on my waterbottles. The girl above was one of those drawings.  I went a whole four weeks without giving in.  Lately I have been tempted and “tasting” foods that should not be going into my mouth.  But, today the coolest thing happend in my Zumba class.  I noticed one of the older women in the class was having an off day.  I went over and asked if everything was okay.  Her husband just had surgery and she was exhausted.  At the end of class I asked if I could pray for her and she let me.  God is moving in small ways each and every day.  Things are about to get fired up.

Have an amazing crazy beautiful night.



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