16 Ways you know your about to get a bad haircut

  1. Your very chatty stylist suddenly becomes quiet
  2. Starts asking if you’ve ever had short hair & did you know that gelatin makes your hair grow faster
  3. Has a hard time holding the brush and blow dryer at the same time
  4. Just broke up with her boyfriend
  5. Is on her third energy drink and can’t keep her hands from shaking
  6. Starts using the words OOPs and Uh-0h
  7. Ask you what Cut exactly you wanted again
  8. Starts sobbing and crying
  9. drops the scissors
  10. During the shampoo your shirt took a bath and your ears went swimming
  11. Stops cutting after saying oh crap and leaves to never come back
  12. a crowd starts forming around where you’re sitting
  13. your stylist eyes get wider and small beads of  sweat start to transform on her forehead
  14. Your gay stylist suddenly becomes straight
  15. keeps sneaking a peek at a how to book under a towel
  16. has a very puzzled look on her face
Needless to say I have received a number of bad cuts and colors.  Also being a licensed professional myself I have seen it all.  Hope you this made you laugh and not cry.  I didn’t mean to bring up any bad memories if I did.  Reading this list makes me cringed a little myself.  I think of all the times I should have gone running out of salon with my hair intact.
Have an amazing day

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