My mission in life

Speak up for them and things to come.

Thinking about all the things I want to do and want to accomplish I feel as small as a grain of sand on the world’s beaches.

For the next few years I will start with my home.  Making sure my kids understand God and His love for them.  I want them to know there are others in the world that are hurting and need someone to show them love.  I will love on my children and make sure they know they will always be first in my life.  Taking them on as many trips as I can to show them the world in which they were placed to create and impact upon.

I want to inspire others.  My plan is to go and see the world to go into the nations and see all God has created.  Meeting and making an impact on those I come into contact with.  I want to see and experience everything God has.  All of his wonderful creations. Not just anyone but the least of these.  The children in Africa who have been affected by Jospeh Kony and the LRA. Visit the villages in africa that are being affected and tend to a child’s wounds. The girls in Cambodia who have been stolen and traded for sex in the most horrific crime there could be thinkable, child sex slavery.  I want to go into Thailand and visit the villages where parents are selling there kids to make ends meat.  I want to visit china and tell them about Jesus.  I want to tell them all about Jesus.  I want to travel to the far regions of the world preaching the gospel and screaming to the roof tops that Jesus is alive and can heal he can set the captives free.

I love the movie Taken and when he confronts the enemy he tells them about the skills he possesses.  I feel like that.  I am ready to tell those who are hurting and lonely that I can help. I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long life of heart ache and pain of recovery and freedom. Skills that make me very useful for those in bondage of poverty and abuse.  God has given me the gift of creativity and invention.  I am a licensed cosmetologist, a seamstress, an artisan.  But most of all I understand what it means to have no hope and now dream again.  I understand how to deliver God’s word in such a way that it can through the power of Jesus Christ set people free. I want to educate those I come in contact with trades or other wise known as micro economics.  Especially the woman.  To develop all around the world Prov 31 women.  Who have a skill to create and make money.  To support their families and lift up their husbands. I also don’t want to give them the practical but the imaginable.  I want to share God’s love for them and pray for them to be healed and set free.

Come with me on life great ride.

Amanda Foltz

 Visit my site at:
or to learn more about child sex slavery :

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