DIY-Drop Cloth Rug

I finally tried to make a drop cloth rug.  It was quite the adventure.  If I was to do it again I would varnish first and then paint.  Or even prime it with kills or gesso instead of varnish.  I painted the clear varnish on with a paint brush and it turned ugly color.  I’m going to re-do the rug when I get time.  Someone suggested spraying the varnish on with spray can. I also sewed hemp crosses all they way around the rug to give it more texture and made a patch with the number 5 out of an old bank bag.

I just did a new search and found an even better tutorial that has lots of different ones on it for lots of ideas.  I used the zebra rug tutorial.  I find it’s kinda odd on carpet but it vacuums well.  Dirt just accumulates at the feet on the train table.

Here is the link to do your own: DIY Drop cloth rug


The varnish left a yellow stain that I did not like.  So I repainted it this last week.  The cool thing is that the first design still shows through and gives it such character.



This post took a month or so to write with a lot of drama in between.  The main thing is that you can really paint on just about anything.  Just make sure you have the right type of paint and go for it.  I love how this rug works and cleans up.  With having three boys in the house it just didn’t make sense buying a $100 rug every year.   This way I get to create the room I want and change it up whenever I want for the fraction of the price.

Love to see yours if you decide to go for it.

Have an amazing day



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  1. That looks great, what a cool idea! We have a dog and two cats, so the pet hair around here turns into dust bunnies with teeth very quickly. I think a rug would help keep that down but I didn’t want to spend the money for one. This looks like it would work out way better!

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