Ocean Art

I miss the ocean like crazy.  I dream about walking on its sandy beaches and allowing mother nature to naturally exfoliate my feet.  I dream about my old surf board and wanting to wake up before the sunrises and running to the beach to surf.  The dolphins that would greet me in the morning as if we all knew that moment was bigger than us.  I want to paint the ocean.  I live in Colorado.  My husband laughed at me when I told him I wanted to paint and decorate ocean things but I couldn’t.  He didn’t understand why I couldn’t.  I guess I feel as if I would be a poser since I no longer live near the ocean.  He doesn’t think so and told me to look at pictures and get to painting.  In the process I have decided to take up windsurfing.  I think I’m going to return the coach purse (outlet only $120) that I just bought and start saving up for one on craigslist.  I’m dying to be near the water again and I live 5min from one lake and 15min from another.  So here it is.. while I am learning the new hobby of windsurfing I will paint the ocean.  I spent an hour or so yesterday collecting pictures.

You can see my collection on my pintrest at: http://pinterest.com/fiberlily/ocean-art-inspiration/

And of course I must put it to action and I made a friend in the form of a little seahorse and gave him away.

I’m really into making beaded wrap bracelets right now and my friend, who is moving to the ocean, gave over to learn.  I made her a clip board out of cardboard and drew a little seahorse on it.  I think I am really going to love creating ocean art.  If I can’t be at the ocean I will bring it to me.

Have an amazing day



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  1. I know how you feel, we lived by the ocean, then moved away. I missed being able to head to the beach whenever I wanted and watching clouds roll in over the water, look for sea shells and sea glass. Its so relaxing to be able to walk on the beach and listen to the waves. I would love to be able to surf, but I would def have to learn to swim better first 🙂 We have since moved back to the living near the ocean and I am trying to make time to go there as much as possible, because I know we won’t live here forever. Aside from tourist season, it’s an awesome place to live! I hope you are able to get your windsurfing gear quickly and get out on the water again!

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