Last day with Hero

I have to say that I am not the kind of person to get too sappy over her children.  But, Hero my youngest of three boys tends to turn me into the over protective, anxious, crying at each milestone mother.  Maybe, it’s because I know there is no medical way that I could ever carry a child again.  He is my official last child from my womb.  I thought about the first time he walked and instead of rejoicing that he walked I cried that I will be have a child that crawls. The first time he could make his own milk was the last time he would need me for that.  There has been many first that were also the last. Today is a big first last, as today is the last day I will have a child home all day.  Tomorrow my little Hero will start kindergarten.  I am no longer the only one in his life that will teach him.  I am no longer the only woman in his life that ties his shoes, or helps him when he is hurt.  I will be sharing him with someone I just met.  A woman who is full of energy and seems really fun.  In her classroom he will experience first that I will not be there for.  She will now get to be part of his life and I will have to hear about it in the car on the way home.  I hope she will cherish each moment she gets the honor to witness of Hero Foltz experiencing life.

Here is a shout out to all you mom’s who have chosen to do the same thing.  To all you moms who have cried on the first day of your child going back to school.  I cried when a few weeks ago my oldest started high school and I know I will cry when Hero starts kindergarten tomorrow.  They even have a special coffee date called Boo Whoo for all of us crying moms to attend.  I will also be full of joy that my middle son Zion has reached middle school.  I know how hard he has worked and struggled to get there and how much he wants to succeed.

As for me and all my free time.  Here is where the joke is on me.  After dropping off my oldest at High School around 7:15am I have to come back to grab Zion for middle school and drop him off at 8:00.  Then it’s just me and Hero until I need to drop him off at 12:30.  Freedom, right? Not really.  I have to turn around and get Cody at 2:45 and then Zion and Hero at 3:30.

So what am I going to do with my whole two hours?  I am going to paint and paint and paint some more.  I can not wait til I can paint.  I will come home turn off the computer and phone and find love in my art studio.  This is something I have been waiting for, longing for a good two undistributed hours in my day to paint.  Oh the things I will create the ideas I have.  To finish my book I have been working on and to start a new business or two.  In two hours I could change the world. Watch me and see if you just believe that two hours to me is eternity.

With all my love and excitement for what this year will hold

Amanda Foltz


Hero and Me.  He is such a cutie!!

My 14year old who is always eating!!

Zion who is always climbing something.  Yes my boys climb the walls.

Somedays it gets crazy around here.



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