My Mind is Full

Wanting to change the world is not an easy task when you have a hard time focusing.  My time as of today has been confiscated by my kids.  With the commuting back and forth between the three kids I have three hours and then two hours to get things done.  I dropped the high schooler off at 7:15am and then drove back to grab the middle schooler and dropped him off at 7:45am.  I now have a little bit of time before getting the kindergartener to school at 12:15pm.  I thought that with enough planning I would be able to get something done.  I’m at the library planning on getting images prepared for the next blog post and realized they are not in photo stream.  Just got a text from the high schooler saying he forgot his shorts and shoes for wrestling and if I could bring them to him he would be so,so,so happy.  How do you say no to that?  Each drive between schools is taking about twenty minutes one way.   I have these huge plans to make a difference, write a book, start a non profit and become a better artist.  How can I accomplish this when I am being pulled in so many directions.  Then when I do have time things just don’t work out like I planned.  Lord give me grace.

I have so many art projects I want to share with you.  I don’t just want to throw them up and say here is… and here is… anymore.  I want to take my time and create a beautiful blog.  Someday, for now you get me ranting about how I want to do something great and just can’t get things straight.

There seems to be so much on my mind.  The DNC is going on which means more girls are being exploited.  My son just started kindergarten, or will in two hours and my husband once again will be gone. So far this last two weeks I have created a purse, dinosaur hat,watercolor backgrounds, art rage art and so much more.  I can not wait to share it with you.  Hopefully I can overcome the technology barrier that is keeping my from posting it.

Bare with me I will get all my new toys behaving and the blog will be full of beauty and fun.

Having one of those days



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