DIY- Drawstring Bag

If I could catch my breath for a quick moment I would be ever so happy.  I spent yesterday running around picking up kids only to drop them off again to various places.  Hero started kindergarten dropping him off was one of the best moments I have had all year.  He is getting so big and so independent.  After dropping him off and fighting back the tears I went to the moms BooHoo.  I have to admit I expected speeches and crying moms but, I was wrong.  It was a small table with a few muffins, NO coffee outside in front of the school.  I tried to be nice and speak with a few of the moms and try to remember as many names as I could. I am just horrible with remembering names. I try the little tricks like placing them with a famous person.  Then the next time I see them I start to panic and try really hard to remember which famous person’s name they have.  As I was talking with a few of the moms. all I could think about is how I could be painting.  The voice in my head started to shout, ” Shut up and go paint”.  Therefore that is what I did.  We must listen to the voices it keeps us sane.

The next two hours was the most amazing two hours of my life.  Okay , in a very long time, I have not experienced such thrill.  No one yelling, screaming, or fighting.  Not a sound of something breaking something. Not a soul grabbing for my attention. The was the moment a realtor walked into our house without knocking and the dog cornered her in the kitchen.  You should have seen her face.   I worked on journals and then painted all while listening to pandora.  I just love that app. Even with the six hours I spent in the car today driving the kids around, those two hours left me willing to do it all over again.

Hey you want a quickie?

Hero needed headphones for school and a baggie with his name on it.  Remember that 4k sewing machine my grandma left me?  Last week I took a lesson and I am loving it.  Once you have had a Bernina you will never go back.

This little project took me about 15min and I used scraps from a pencil holder I made him.

Just take 2 square  pieces of material. Then sew the tops over leaving 1 inch hem with open ends on each piece.

Face the two squares right side facing each other. Then sew them together but just up to the fold over.

Turn right side and push a ribbon through the top leaving both ends of ribbon on one side.

TRICK: I attach the ribbon to a paint brush with tape.  You could also use a safety pin.

That’s it. Really easy.


Just incase you are still confused. Check out these blogs for more direction:

No sew option:


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