Steal like an Artist11

My library rocks!  No, really it has just about every book I would ever want or need on art.  There are a very few times that I ever need to buy a book.  Not only do they have four rows of art and sewing books but, they get the newest ones as soon as they are published.  As soon as I walk in I rush over to the lucky day movies.  These are the newest released blue-ray disc and grab a movie for the weekend that I never seem to find time to watch.  Then I rush over to the lucky day books and scan for any and all art books.  I must have about twenty checked out right now.

The other day or about a month ago, I came across the best book ever. It’s called Steal like an Artist.   The book goes into how you fake it till you make it.  I love the carefree approach to learning how to be an artist and living as an artist. I have to admit I used it as a bathroom book.  You know you read a page or two every time you go.  It’s about the only way I ever get to read in peace with my kids running around.  Sometimes I just sit there long after being done just to be in a room.. alone..for once.  I guess that means I just admitted to bringing library books into the Jon (Head, Loo,potty,).  You all have done it, don’t think of me like that.

I’m still trying to figure out this whole art thing. Today I had a huge mental melt down.  I just couldn’t get it out of my mind the little voices that tell you things like:
you’re a horrible artist – your wasting your time- you don’t make any money-who do you think you are to….

I think you get the point.  I can’t even think or enjoy what I am doing art wise.  I just put down the brush and turned to my sewing machine, which jammed.  I wonder what am I doing?  Why am I doing this?  My husband tells me I don’t need to make money.  If I ever want a pedicure or more than $10 a week allowance I feel as if, I do. I used to have my salon but coming back from India last July I stopped that to focus on art.  Now I feel as if I should be making some money or at least have developed a style to my art in the last year.  Maybe trying to make money is killing my joy.  

I did manage to get one painting done this week. I’m still trying to find my “style”.  In the meantime, I am going to take the advice of the Steal like an Artist book and copy styles that I like and create my own.  I found a great pic in the Artful Blogging and painted it.  I felt wrong just copying someones work but it turned out different from theirs.  The book talked about that we as humans can not duplicate.  Below is my copy of Michelle Allen’s Cat and Bird.  Check out her site she has some really cute stuff.

My version is shown below

I wanted the cat to have leg warmers and sticking his tongue out

The original by Michelle is below.  She has such a great style and you can see it in everything she does.
Style is one thing as an artist that I am still confused about.  Looking at all the featured artist I can tell it’s their work by the color and “style”.  How does one develop a style?  Maybe one day I will have a unique style that say’s, “Hey Amanda Foltz must have made that.”

Hope you are having a creative blessed day



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    • What a bummer. I used to hate libraries till I moved here. Now we go almost everyday for movies and story time. I have to admit I’m a little addicted to checking out books. Then I get overwhelmed as to which one to work on.

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