1st Friday Art Walk

I love 1st Friday’s.  In Denver we have 1st Friday art walks.  There is a street called Sante Fe which during the day doesn’t look like much.  It’s streets are small and torn up. The buildings are full of beautiful graffiti and art studio’s line the streets.  You can go up down and around to find amazing artist hard at work.  But, on 1st Friday’s the artist open the doors, pour the wine and invite you into their wonderful world of art.  There are break dancers on the streets and dancers hanging from ropes on the roof tops.  Food trucks line every corner wanting to fill you mouth with yummy very unhealthy treats.  My favorite truck is the Mana from Heaven and I love their boba tea. Not to mention 10% of the profits go to feeding the hungry.

My wonderful husband flew into town around 6:30pm from working in Salt Lake all week.  He came straight to the house, grabbed me and off we went.  I love how he tries to do things that are important to me.  We didn’t get there till 8:30 but still experienced the arts.  I was also able to stop into Fabric bliss and purchased some fun material of birdies.  This next week they are going to start selling my watercolor journals!!  So much fun is happening.

My favorite thing is when they have art you can participate in.  Comic Con had a car there that you could draw on with a sharpie.  LOVE IT!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend



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