Blog tips and ideas

Hey all you bloggers out there and I know there are a lot of you. I have noticed that most of those who liked my page are other amazing artist who blog. I love checking out your pages and discovering new artist each and every day. Each one of you are such inspiration to a new artist like me. As you may know I have been trying to learn how to improve my blogging and I have found some fun tricks. Not only that I am addicted to my iPad and art apps that improve upon my art and blogging. So I thought why not start sharing with you my little fun nuggets of information I have been finding. Most of my tips and tools will be with using an iPad and integrating it with your computer and WordPress.

What do you think? Ready for the first tibit?

WORDPRESS for Android

So this may be old news to most of you.  I thought if I am going to share my tools with you I should start with the first.  These apps let you blog on the go with your android or apple device.  You can also post blogs by texting but I love to integrate pictures and being visual type person, I really want to be able to see the whole thing first.

The apps work great and they are fast easy way to get your ideas on page when they are still fresh.  I haven’t worked with the android as much. But here are two tips that I found useful for the mac version.

2 Tips for the WordPress app with iOS.

-There is a drop down tab that you can choose to create as a draft or publish immediately.
-You can take a picture and upload it right away to your blog.  Or upload from another app. More on this to come.

There are other apps out there that allow you to blog.  I just haven’t tried them. If you know of one would love to here about it.

My son has wrestling today which means a longer day in the studio.  I am so excited!

Hope you have a wonderful blessed creative day.



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