Dinosaur Hat

I have a problem.  My five-year old son Hero is just too cute.  He looks up at me with his big adorable eyes and I melt inside.  He knows it to.  When he wants something he knows exactly the “look” that is irresistible. Which is funny since my other two teenagers don’t seem to know that I exist and seem to bark out demands all the time lately.  Maybe that is why I am so quick to give in.  I know this phase of life will not last.  Soon I won’t be the center of his universe and kisses at school will only be a sweet memory.

When he came to me the other day and showed me this pic and asked, “Mommy will you please, P-L-E-A-S-E make this hat for me?”.  My heart melted and I stopped all I was doing and spent the day creating a hat.

First problem is that this hat was drawn my an illustrator.  It was not real, it could be anything.  Should I make it out of paper mache, construction paper, felt?  The possibilities were endless.  With my new gift of a sewing machine I decided to make it like I would when I was costume designing.

Below is the hat I created. Most of it is out of fleece I had lying around.  I used extra firm interfacing for the hat rim inside and teeth.

He loves the hat and was wearing it every where.  It’s great to know that my skills are appreciated.  That knowing how to make things can make a difference.  This is my life.  This is my time and season.  And I will enjoy every moment.  For this will not last.



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