Get great pics

Becoming a better blogger is not just about staying consistent with posting.  All though you wouldn’t have blog without post. It seems to me that what really makes a difference in blogs is the layout and having amazing pictures.  If you have noticed, to do anything online now days, you are excepted to have amazing professional photography.

What happens when you are not a photographer?  Better yet, how about the cost of some of those camera’s?  There are some amazing photographers out there and I love looking at their sites.  For me I love focusing on my art and other things. I would love to be able to have better pictures for my blog without having to take a whole bunch of classes and buy an expensive camera. Recently, I have found two applications that solve almost all my photography problems.


Photo Studio

You are going to love these applications.  They give you amazing range of lenses, borders, and text.  Each one also will allow you to connect to social media markets and get your information out there.  I just started using them and I am trying to get better at taking a few extra moments to use the app before posting pictures on my blog.  Here is what I have experienced.

Instagram: This application is getting very popular by the general public.  It allows you to post to your facebook and has followers of it’s own. It has about 18 lenses and two different blur options.  But not much from that.  You can send it to facebook, twitter or email.  It’s great to use as your camera instead of reaching for the camera lens go for your instagram.

Some photos taken with Instagram



Photo Studio

This is my favorite application for taking pictures to date.  There is so much you can do with this application. Just to start with you have a huge number of options on how you want the application to work with you.  You can take a picture, use one on your device, or upload one from facebook or other.  It has the capability of cropping and has 189 different effects.  Some of the effects are different borders.  You have many options of adjusting and even a color splash tool.  Then my favorite part for bloggers and artist is the ability to put text on the picture.  I have a whole tutorial I created just by pictures I will be sharing soon.  The other great thing about text is the issue with pinterest.  When you have your name on a picture it is easy to trace back to you.  Once you are done you can save, upload to facebook,twiiter,instagram,print,export,postacards and more.  It by far has been my new favorite toy.


Here are some pictures from Photo studio.



Let me know if you try these applications and what you think. Also, if you have a favorite application let me know about it.  If you would like I would love to have a guest blogger share there tips and tricks.

Have an amazing great day


PS: The guy is my husband, the girl is me and the dog is the best dog ever named Asia.  The boys just love her dearly.


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