Just Be

Sometimes life has a way of going by so fast.  One day over a cup of coffee you realize that years have passed by.  You start to think about what you have accomplished in the past few years and then the moment dawns on you.  Nothing.  Nothing Big.  But why?  What happened?  LIFE

In life I believe we become rats on a wheel. We run around being very “busy” talking about what we are doing and wanting to do but we are stuck.  Running around in circles can be wearing and make you a little dizzy.  The worst part is that a circle gets you no where.

How does this happen?  This is what I have been complementing this week.  If you have been following my blog you know my living situation is very uneasy right now.  We are not sure where we will live come December.  With this situation coupled with a few more I have been re-thinking a lot in my life.

(picture was created by me.  feel free to print it out and put it on your mirror.)

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

I am working on ” Just Being”.  I am putting all my expectations, wants,desires, dreams, hopes,”callings”  at the foot of the cross.  When life becomes too crazy.  Such as spending five hours driving to different schools, sitting in carpools, attending to Hero who has the stomach flu (such as today).  Driving to karate, soccer, wrestling, the gym.  When the laundry, cooking, and ironing too much to handle.  When you start to search for run away moms on google.  It’s time to STOP and be still.  LIfe can wait.  Remember you have been running and getting nowhere anyways.  Why not be still?  It won’t stop where you have been going.

I’m focusing on important things in my life that I seem to have forgotten.  I love list, they make me happy. So here is a list.

1. My children (Just BE- a happy mom who is there and attentive, using more paper plates to have more time after dinner. Not sweating the little things.  Not looking to close at the teenagers room. GRACE)

2. My husband ( just Be – a happy wife even if that means that I make a trip to the cleaners instead of dreading all “his” chores I have to do. )

3. My art ( not to sell but create things I love to make.  And even give it away to those who LOVE it.)

4. Friends ( the ones I have left, trying to call them, return calls,text them, not be to busy for them.  To make new ones and realize life is not fun without them.)  I have for to long thought I don’t have time to invest in relationships.  This is a horrible way to live.  I can’t be to busy for friends.

5. God Time ( this is my number one. Not Doing things for God, trying to end trafficking, trying to come up with the next best ____, create a ton of money to pour into the kingdom of God.  Being to busy to remember why.) This is really what I am working on.  Just Being before my Lord and worshiping Him. Not so busy “serving” Him that I forget that He even exist.

Soon I will be refreshed with new ideas and new direction.  But, there are those moments in time when it’s okay to throw your hands up in the air and ask God to take the wheel.  To just BE and be okay with that.


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