Art Rage Application for the artist

I am in love with my ipad.  Not to mention with Siri.  Siri has change this scattered brain artist in to an organized diva.  I just love saying, ” Remind me in two hours to eat.”  Or remind me to have my son take out the garbage tomorrow.  I have her spell words for me, take random notes and send all kinds of things to my evernote.  Never again will I miss out on an idea.  She texts for me whiles I am driving and this is all on my ipad.  My iphone 5 has been shipped and I have been waiting two years to get an iphone once again.  I can not wait till it get’s here.  Oh my sweet lovely ipad.  I was given it by my husband as a promise.  I was having a hard time loosing weight and needed motivation.  I dropped 20lbs and as promised he bought me an ipad.  I love that man.

There are so many apps out there for artist.  It would take forever to rate them all and there are plenty of websites that do that.  I just wanted to let you know about one I have been playing with and I am really enjoying.  You can’t always take your art studio with you but you can always have a way to create, share, and explore.

Art Rage

I am so new at this painting on ipad thing.  But this application is amazing.  I love trying the different oil, watercolors,pens and markers.  You can also start with a variety of papers.  You can determine the wetness of your colors and papers. The website I just found out has tutorials and more.  I just love being able to put ideas on the ipad when I am on the go or keeping it by my beside for those sleepless nights.

Here is one that I have created:


And here is someone creating one: ( I love this idea.  Then you could just send it straight to the person via email and such.  I also and stylus envy. Not to mention talent envy.)



Love to hear if you have a favorite application you have been using lately.  Here is a link to an article on: 30 Application for Creatives and Designers


Have an amazing creative Day!!




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