Patterns and Starbucks

In Highlands Ranch where I live they just moved two Starbucks. Each one was place directly across the street from the previous one and a drive through added on. I love Starbucks and was secretly wishing they just opened up two more. I am known of my love for Starbucks. But lately they are making some changes that are very upsetting. With my gold card I used to be able to get free syrups and milk upgrade. They are no longer offering this. They are still offering my free refills for black coffee and tea. EXPECT not on the CLOVER. Have you seen one? They wanted to charge me $5 for one cup of black coffee on this machine. The girl at the counter let me have a less expensive brew, Gold Coast, my favorite as a refill. She was very sweet and now I am super nervous they just may have got me hooked. Is it that it’s more expensive or I that I feel special when they are making it? Watching the machine breath up and down giving life to my one cup of coffee just for me has a special feel to it.

I love getting that special treatment. I think everyone loves feeling special.

Would you like to feel special? I have compiled some pattern pictures just for you and if those leave you wanting more… Just out my pintrest Patterns Patterns Everywhere


I love looking for patterns to use in my art.






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