Adornments and Hugs

I’m super emotional today.  The tears are holding on tight and I can feel a stiffness in my checks.  I need a hug today.  Do you ever just feel like you need a hug.  I get like this.  It could be the weather or hormones or life.  Who knows.  But today hug someone for me.  Hugs are good! They bring warmth to a person’s soul. It’s a way for us to shed His light into someone else.

Hugs are fun and wonderful and so is new adornments for our necks.  I just finished a necklace I have been working on.  It is so fun and full of character. My inspiration was Susan Lenart Kazmer and her industrial chic line of jewelry   I actually used some of her charms.  They are the ones hanging down off the safety pins.  I’ve added Susan to my list of artist I love.  She is an amazing artist and inventor.  She invented ice resin.  Very cool!  Check out here website it’s full of creative spice to get your palate wet and ready for creating something delicious.



Don’t forget to give out those hugs!



3 responses

  1. Nothing is ever wrong with crying as long as you remain responsible about it. Have it at and allow yourself the sensation in feeling brand new.

    – Inked Pen

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