Happy New Year

In a time when just about everything seems to be going up in cost and the fiscal cliff is looming over our heads.  When my rent went up by $300 and trying to find an extra $400 in budget.  When kids demand more expensive toys and sports cost an arm and a leg.  When medical cost more a month than I paid for my first car.  In a time when it cost more to be fit than to get fat.  When life demands more time that you have.  When you look around and wonder how everyone else seems to be making it.  I want to wish you a very Happy New Year. And remind you we are all in this together.

Let’s make this next year a year of blessing someone else.  Remembering there is some else out there that is worse of than you.  Remember that life is more that the balance in your checkbook or your unstamped passport.  Remember that you can find adventure in your own backyard.  Love right next to you. And a hot cup of tea brings strangers together.

Enjoy each day with creativity and smiles.  When the sun is not shining you be the ray of light on those around you.  Create the world you want to live in.  Create the person you want to be.  Don’t dwell on the has not but the will be.

Happy New Year!!

IMG_1393Live like a child Free and full of dreams


I’m all settled into my new place and can’t wait to start sharing life with you once again.

Amanda Foltz


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