Crazy Me

Life is full of surprises.  Every day can bring a new adventure.  Adventures can come in many shapes and sizes such as my three wonderful boys.  13 years ago I turned my back on drugs and turned towards God.  Every day has been a day of adventure and love.  I’ve served my country in the United States Airforce, went to Toni & Guy Cosmetology school, and visited orphanages in India.  I have lived in six states and I am just getting started.  I have always loved creating and making things with my hands.  It has recently grown into a passion for art. With each new creation I am learning just how different and wonderful this world is.  How much there is to be explored and experienced.  The world of mix media art is a whole new adventure waiting to be discovered. I hope you enjoy checking out my newest creation.  If you are an artist I would love to see your creations and share this adventure together.


Art is not my only passion I also have a deep desire to put an end to child sex trafficking.  With every breath I have I will not stop fighting for the rights of these little children.  There is much to do in this world and I plan on doing it all.  Will you join me in adventure of life?  Creating, fighting for freedom, experiencing God’s greatness,glory, and splendor.  But most of all spreading LOVE to those we encounter along the way.



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