Spring = Watercolor

There is something about the spring time that makes me want to watercolor.  I love splashing my brush in the water and spreading it on to the paper.  Watercolors can be so light and fun.  With the ability to be sweet and sensual. My oldest has had a horrible virus for the last three days.  It has not be fun.  But I found time to sneak into my studio and whipped out the brushes. Life is full of adventure.

Have a great weekend.


Art Journal: Creating a Background

Start with a blank page in your art journal.  Some like to make a whole bunch of backgrounds at one time.  I am learning that I hate mass production and love sitting down to a blank canvass.  There is something calming about starting a new thing.  You will have to determine what you like and how you work.

You will need a glue mixture.  For my art journals I use elmers glue with 1 cup water and 1/4 cup of glue.  I keep it in a tub so it never dries out.  For my fine art I use Mod Podge with the same dilution or straight gel matte medium with no dilution.

I have a drawer full of scraps from previous projects that I love to reach into and just grab something out.  Like when you were a kid and at the dollar store they had the $1 grab bags and you couldn’t wait to see what you got. If you don’t have a grab box just start with tearing pages out of a romance novel or dictionary.

Today we will create a very random background with no particular picture in mind.

Start by pasting down the pages in a very random method.  If you have a hard time being random try this: Coat the blank journal page with glue and sprinkle the book pages over the page.  Use an old brush to brush the glue mixture over the book pages.  I like using a paint brush from home depot that is very inexpensive.

Next you want to lay down a background of colors.  In celebration of Spring I will be laying down a yellow and pink background.  You can use stencils to add shapes and texture to the background.

Have fun creating your amazing backgrounds.  I would love to see what your up to.  Also this tutorial will be available on you tube.

Have a crazy amazing day


Art Journal: Doodling

When you are creating in your art journal life seems to stop and it’s just you and your tools.  Sometimes  it’s frustrating when ideas just are not there.  I am learning a new technique that will improve your art doodling beyond imagination.  The book is called Zenspirations and was created by Joanne Fink.  She developed the process based upon Zentangle.  I have not been able to purchase the Zentangle kit and my book at the library is still on hold but there is always You tube.

After going throughout the Zenspiration book my doodling has gone to a whole new level.  I also looked Zentangle up on you tube and they have a few instructors who are showing you the process.  My husband encouraged me to buy the pens they suggest using.  I took my 40% off coupon to Michaels and purchased a package of Prismacolor Premier Micron pens.  I am in love with my micron pens.  I am using them in all my work now.  They are the best purchase I have made for my art arsenal.

Here are some designs I have been playing around with:

I would love to see what you come up with and how you are using this technique.

Have a crazy beautiful day creating

Amanda Foltz

How to: Art Journal on Magazine

I have been playing with using my old magazines as art journals.  It took a few tries to get something that works for me without making me go crazy.

I first started out with an old Glamour issue.  I went through the whole magazine and put 1 part gesso with 2 part water all over the pages.  In between some of the pages I place freezer paper.  This created some fun texture as some of the pages dried to together.  Yet I thought it was too much work and I didn’t enjoy creating on the pages.  Here is what it looked liked.

I worked in it a while and then abandoned it.  I believe if it’s not working or giving you joy stop doing it.  I grabbed another magazine and this time took blank watercolor paper and glued it to about every 5th page. Then I took black paint and painted a frame around each page and glued the extra pages together with a glue stick.  Already just looking at it started to inspire me to create.  I created a college picture on the front using some old patterns I got at Goodwill. (Hint: In my art journals I use my cheap craft paint.  This gives me peace knowing if I scrap something or abandon it I am not wasting a ton of money or good paint. I do all my mock ups with cheap glue and cheap paint.) . On some of the pages I cut to be different sizes and shapes. I love working in this journal


With art journaling the biggest thing to remember is to have fun and it’s just for you.  Create things you love and love looking at.  Don’t worry who will see it and how it will turn out.  If you don’t like it college over it.

Can’t wait to see what you are creating.

Amanda Foltz

Grand Opening: Sneak Peak

The day is almost here that I will be opening my brand new Etsy store under the name of Fiber Lily.  I am so excited to share with you the art journals I have been working on.

The first line of art journals I will be selling are repurposed watercolor sheets.  My mother is an artist and a really good one at that.  She is very much a perfectionist and paints 24/7.  I wonder if she ever sleeps.  One day I went in her studio and saw stacks of watercolor painting that looked amazing to me.  She sighed and said that was her trash pile.  Those poor little paintings just didn’t make the cut.  She was hesitant to get rid of them because of the time and how expensive the watercolor paper was.  So she just couldn’t bring herself to throw them out.   I knew right away what I would do with them.   I’ve made art journals out of Starbucks coffee bags and was looking for a new medium to build on.  These were perfect!

A little more about the journals:

Most of the watercolor paper is Waterford Saunders 200lb.  It does vary but not by much.  Filled up inside are 40 pages of 60+lbs of wonderful blank pages.  With amazing pictures on the front and empty pages on the inside you are sure to be creating in no time.  They are 8 1/2 x 6 inches, just the right size to throw in a purse or whatever you tote around. They will be sold for 9.00 and you can find them at: ETSY

With much excitement here is your sneak peek:

To see more vista my store on Monday March 19th.

Love to hear what you think.

Have an amazing weekend.

Amanda Foltz

Art Journaling: Introduction

I have had reservations when I first heard about Art Journaling.  I thought that it was a waste of time and why would I create an art journal that no one would see.  Then I started one and I feel in love.  It’s so freeing to create on such a non-judgemental medium.  I can paint and collage without wondering who will buy it and who will like it.  The creation is just for me and it teaches me to do better and be better.  The trick to art journaling is to learn to lighten up.  It teaches you to not take your art so seriously. There is no right way and there is no wrong way in creating an art journal.

Here is a simple way of getting started

  • The platform for your Art journal

What inspires you?  Is it old books, a fresh notebook, newspapers, fabric. choose a platform that inspires you to be creative.

  • Create a creative base

You may want to gesso to book pages or newspaper.  Maybe create some watercolor washes.  Or leave the pages blank to see what the day my bring.

  •  Each day

As you sit in your studio or at your kitchen table, open up your art journal.  Create, doodle, draw, collage paint.  Use your journal to get your creative juices flowing.

Stuck on ideas?  I clip things that inspire me out of magazines, I take Evernote (https://www.evernote.com) clips of art I love or even use your pin board (http://pinterest.com/fiberlily/fiber-lily/) to get inspired.  I keep the clippings in a folder and grab one out when I am stuck.  It’s amazing how copying things you love and help you create something of your very own.

Most of  all have fun creating things you love.

I would love to see what adventures you are creating.  Share them in the comments and lets all inspire each other.

Below are a few pages from one of my art journals.