Adornments and Hugs

I’m super emotional today.  The tears are holding on tight and I can feel a stiffness in my checks.  I need a hug today.  Do you ever just feel like you need a hug.  I get like this.  It could be the weather or hormones or life.  Who knows.  But today hug someone for me.  Hugs are good! They bring warmth to a person’s soul. It’s a way for us to shed His light into someone else.

Hugs are fun and wonderful and so is new adornments for our necks.  I just finished a necklace I have been working on.  It is so fun and full of character. My inspiration was Susan Lenart Kazmer and her industrial chic line of jewelry   I actually used some of her charms.  They are the ones hanging down off the safety pins.  I’ve added Susan to my list of artist I love.  She is an amazing artist and inventor.  She invented ice resin.  Very cool!  Check out here website it’s full of creative spice to get your palate wet and ready for creating something delicious.



Don’t forget to give out those hugs!


Dinosaur Hat

I have a problem.  My five-year old son Hero is just too cute.  He looks up at me with his big adorable eyes and I melt inside.  He knows it to.  When he wants something he knows exactly the “look” that is irresistible. Which is funny since my other two teenagers don’t seem to know that I exist and seem to bark out demands all the time lately.  Maybe that is why I am so quick to give in.  I know this phase of life will not last.  Soon I won’t be the center of his universe and kisses at school will only be a sweet memory.

When he came to me the other day and showed me this pic and asked, “Mommy will you please, P-L-E-A-S-E make this hat for me?”.  My heart melted and I stopped all I was doing and spent the day creating a hat.

First problem is that this hat was drawn my an illustrator.  It was not real, it could be anything.  Should I make it out of paper mache, construction paper, felt?  The possibilities were endless.  With my new gift of a sewing machine I decided to make it like I would when I was costume designing.

Below is the hat I created. Most of it is out of fleece I had lying around.  I used extra firm interfacing for the hat rim inside and teeth.

He loves the hat and was wearing it every where.  It’s great to know that my skills are appreciated.  That knowing how to make things can make a difference.  This is my life.  This is my time and season.  And I will enjoy every moment.  For this will not last.


DIY- Drawstring Bag

If I could catch my breath for a quick moment I would be ever so happy.  I spent yesterday running around picking up kids only to drop them off again to various places.  Hero started kindergarten dropping him off was one of the best moments I have had all year.  He is getting so big and so independent.  After dropping him off and fighting back the tears I went to the moms BooHoo.  I have to admit I expected speeches and crying moms but, I was wrong.  It was a small table with a few muffins, NO coffee outside in front of the school.  I tried to be nice and speak with a few of the moms and try to remember as many names as I could. I am just horrible with remembering names. I try the little tricks like placing them with a famous person.  Then the next time I see them I start to panic and try really hard to remember which famous person’s name they have.  As I was talking with a few of the moms. all I could think about is how I could be painting.  The voice in my head started to shout, ” Shut up and go paint”.  Therefore that is what I did.  We must listen to the voices it keeps us sane.

The next two hours was the most amazing two hours of my life.  Okay , in a very long time, I have not experienced such thrill.  No one yelling, screaming, or fighting.  Not a sound of something breaking something. Not a soul grabbing for my attention. The was the moment a realtor walked into our house without knocking and the dog cornered her in the kitchen.  You should have seen her face.   I worked on journals and then painted all while listening to pandora.  I just love that app. Even with the six hours I spent in the car today driving the kids around, those two hours left me willing to do it all over again.

Hey you want a quickie?

Hero needed headphones for school and a baggie with his name on it.  Remember that 4k sewing machine my grandma left me?  Last week I took a lesson and I am loving it.  Once you have had a Bernina you will never go back.

This little project took me about 15min and I used scraps from a pencil holder I made him.

Just take 2 square  pieces of material. Then sew the tops over leaving 1 inch hem with open ends on each piece.

Face the two squares right side facing each other. Then sew them together but just up to the fold over.

Turn right side and push a ribbon through the top leaving both ends of ribbon on one side.

TRICK: I attach the ribbon to a paint brush with tape.  You could also use a safety pin.

That’s it. Really easy.


Just incase you are still confused. Check out these blogs for more direction:

No sew option:

DIY-Drop Cloth Rug

I finally tried to make a drop cloth rug.  It was quite the adventure.  If I was to do it again I would varnish first and then paint.  Or even prime it with kills or gesso instead of varnish.  I painted the clear varnish on with a paint brush and it turned ugly color.  I’m going to re-do the rug when I get time.  Someone suggested spraying the varnish on with spray can. I also sewed hemp crosses all they way around the rug to give it more texture and made a patch with the number 5 out of an old bank bag.

I just did a new search and found an even better tutorial that has lots of different ones on it for lots of ideas.  I used the zebra rug tutorial.  I find it’s kinda odd on carpet but it vacuums well.  Dirt just accumulates at the feet on the train table.

Here is the link to do your own: DIY Drop cloth rug


The varnish left a yellow stain that I did not like.  So I repainted it this last week.  The cool thing is that the first design still shows through and gives it such character.



This post took a month or so to write with a lot of drama in between.  The main thing is that you can really paint on just about anything.  Just make sure you have the right type of paint and go for it.  I love how this rug works and cleans up.  With having three boys in the house it just didn’t make sense buying a $100 rug every year.   This way I get to create the room I want and change it up whenever I want for the fraction of the price.

Love to see yours if you decide to go for it.

Have an amazing day


All day…mess

After an all day mess here is the finished purse. I can’t really use it for what I wanted but it will make a great tote. I don’t think I will ever make a purse again without a pattern. I do have to say, it takes great pictures.



DIY- Button Headboard

This is the head-board that my friend gave me.  I thought of painting it and still might if I get tired of the purple.  My husband and I love to read in bed and work on our laptops.  I decided to try a button headboard so that we would have something soft to lean against.  Because I didn’t want to lose the chance to paint it I used the back of the headboard.

I used a 1 inch piece of foam.  I would really suggest if you were going to do this to use a plywood sheet and 2 inch or more of foam.  My budget was really tight and I already had the headboard.  First cut the foam to the desired shape.  I wanted the foam to go around the board.  I left some over hang to have that effect.

Next you take your material and cut it to the desired shape.  I had to sew pieces together so that I would have enough length and keep the patter running the direction I wanted it to go.  Next mark out where you want the buttons.

I screwed the screws into a ply wood sheet that I wood glued to the back of the headboard when I was done.  This allowed for tight tucks.  Another way of doing this by taking really strong string and sewing them in.  Use a stick on the back to tie the string around so that it won’t pull back through the pre-drilled hole.  There are many wonderful tutorials on YouTube to watch before you decide to take on this project.  I could not do this because I re-buttoned fabric buttons by hand that were not strong enough to pull through.  I ended up just taking fabric glue and glueing the buttons onto the screws.  It worked out really good.

Most people quoted $175- 200 for a finished project.  I think that would be very accurate if doing this correct.  My project cost me $40.00.  That was for foam and material.

Have fun with your next upcycle project. 🙂