The season for random postings

In the last few months, maybe even a year I realized that I am not the best blogger.  I have so much to say and love blogging but my time is so limited.  Between my three boys, writing books, my art, life and more I just can’t seem to find the time to blog on a regular basis to make this thing successful.  If I’m honest with myself it’s just that I don’t make it a priority in my life.  Everyone has time and all the time in the world.  It matters how you use it.  

I have just went to work for the next year as a marketing director and with that I know that this blog will not be a major priority.  I’m excited to see what the next year will bring but sad to have to let go of some of my hobbies.  

I will still be writing and posting.  It’s just that I am letting ME let go.  It’s okay that I haven’t posted.  It’s okay that I am not teaching all that I know.  It’s just got to be that way for a while.  In the meantime…

If you choose to stick around I hope you like all the post of the doodles and art I am doing.  I would love to take the time to highlight all the amazing artist out there but, it’s not my season.  You have to know what season you are in.  Trust me or you will drive yourself crazy.

Here is my season to post my art and hope you get inspired.

Love you all



Happy New Year

In a time when just about everything seems to be going up in cost and the fiscal cliff is looming over our heads.  When my rent went up by $300 and trying to find an extra $400 in budget.  When kids demand more expensive toys and sports cost an arm and a leg.  When medical cost more a month than I paid for my first car.  In a time when it cost more to be fit than to get fat.  When life demands more time that you have.  When you look around and wonder how everyone else seems to be making it.  I want to wish you a very Happy New Year. And remind you we are all in this together.

Let’s make this next year a year of blessing someone else.  Remembering there is some else out there that is worse of than you.  Remember that life is more that the balance in your checkbook or your unstamped passport.  Remember that you can find adventure in your own backyard.  Love right next to you. And a hot cup of tea brings strangers together.

Enjoy each day with creativity and smiles.  When the sun is not shining you be the ray of light on those around you.  Create the world you want to live in.  Create the person you want to be.  Don’t dwell on the has not but the will be.

Happy New Year!!

IMG_1393Live like a child Free and full of dreams


I’m all settled into my new place and can’t wait to start sharing life with you once again.

Amanda Foltz

No one is ever alone

There comes times in life when you forget that the whole world didn’t stop just because of the news you just got.  I was sitting at Starbucks the other day talking with a lady and waiting for my fair trade pour over.  My iphone started to tweet at me and I excused my self from the lady and her three wild kids to take the call.  Have you ever seen the movie Raising Helen?  The part in the movie she gets the call about her sister’s death.  The whole place is talking and eating and going on with their day but, to Helen the world stopped.  It was my mom on the other end telling me my cousin took his life.  The lady looked up and saw my face and for a moment her world stopped to.

My life in the last few days are what you would call chaotic.  I have no idea where I will be living come Dec 1st.  My Uncle died a month ago of cancer.  It was really hard on my father since he has already lost one brother.  My grandma has been having nursing home trauma.  My kids are adjusting to new schools.  I’m trying to write a book and get a non-profit off the ground.  My husband has been traveling more and more.  I could name a thousand more things.

I was praying and folding the laundry yesterday.  I started to think about the horrible tragic damage that tropical storm Sandy has left behind.  I may have lost two family members but there are others that have lost more.  I may hate folding laundry but there are girls stuck in the sex trade that would gladly take my place.  As I thought about it, by the end of January, I will be living someone with all my things unpacked and all this uncertainty gone in the wind.  My problems are so small compared to others.  They may be small but they are very important to God.

I prayed for peace and prayed for a place to live.  Then my prayers changed I started to pray for all the girls who are trapped.  For all those who have lost everything from a storm.  I prayed for everyone I could think of.  I began to feel the room fill up with peace.

Give and it will be given to you. Give your time and thoughts to others.  Even if you are going through life challenges just remember you are not alone. God cares for what you are going through so much. He loves us all so much.  Don’t let life get to you so much that you don’t see a way out.  God is with you and some where someone else is struggling too.  Someone some where needs you.  It feels good to be needed.  We all need each other.

In the spanse of eternity we have already delt with and overcome the problems of today.  Try to smile and reach out.  Touch another person because maybe they need you just as bad as you need them.  No one is ever alone.  Chances are that someone is going through the same thing you are some where in the world.

Go and make a difference even through your pain.  I promise it will bring you a joy through the darkness.  Giving when you feel you have nothing left to give brings about an everlasting peace that is hard to explain.

I’m at the airport on my way to the funeral.  I would love to hear from you.  I would love to hear how you have made a difference when you didn’t want to and how you were glad you did.

Love you all



What is keeping you up at nights?

What’s keeping you up at night?  If you said nothing then I believe you are in need of a dream that is igniting on fire.  I have been up for the last three nights pleading with my mind to go to sleep and stop this insane, non-stop brainstorming.  You will know that you have found your passion when it keeps you up at night.  I have been birthing an idea for three years. But every time I get close to giving it birth I let the dream die.  Why?  I have been asking myself that very same thing.  I thought it was because I was afraid of failure.  If you try there is no such thing as failure only set backs. I know this deeply.  That was not my reason.  Could it be because money can get tight?  No, I understand that when you have a dream the money finds you.  Then it must be because someone has already had the same idea.  The idea I had, I thought I was the only one with this idea.  As I researched and found out, that some guy had won the noble peace prize for my very same idea in 2006.  I could decide to stop and say it already being done.  But I believe in my abilities and that I have a unique gift to offer the world that only I can present.  So what is it that has kept me from moving forward?  I have come to the conclusion that I have been too afraid to succeed!  Never in a million years would I have thought that would be me.  But, the more I thought about it the more I realized it was true.  If I succeed what would that do to my kids, to me to my family?  Then it happend, that I could no longer could keep that as an excuse.  If I didn’t try what would that say to my kids.  What would that say about me.  Once I overcame that obstacle in my mind, the ideas just won’t stop coming.  I am arguing with myself at nights to go to sleep.  I wake up in the morning with a thrill in my heart.  My mother just told me that I seem more joyus.  Did she not see the bags under my eyes?  The thing is the Lord has planted a dream in my heart.  A dream that I have fought for three years.  A dream that if it was given to someone else would haunt me for the rest of my life.  This is my dream and I am the one to do it.  I must not miss the chance and watch someone else do what I know I am meant to do.

Is there a dream inside of you?  What is stopping you?

Kicked the dog and cried: Sunday Doodle

This Sunday Doodle is about five days late.  I was up in Este Park, Co all weekend praising my Lord at a Rez Woman’s Advance.  It was amazing and I learned so much.  Not to mention I made some incredible friends.  Real one that don’t exist in cyber land.  Which was much-needed in my life.  Wouldn’t you know when I get back I start to feel a little under the weather.  My husband is on his way to the airport leaving me with the three boys all week. The dishwasher was still broken and so on.  I would like to bring to your attention there is power in the way you speak.  Did I sit around all week complaining about being, “sick”.  NO  I said to those around me I am OVERCOMING a cold.  There is power in your words.  See I live in the heavenly realms and in heaven there is no illness so the illness has no right in my life.  Try it some time.  This doesn’t mean you won’t ever get sick it just means you won’t be miserable.  See I try to fight the good fight and so can you.  It doesn’t mean hardship will not come.  It just means you don’t have to do it alone.

The irony in all of this is that I came back with the intention of being a happier mom.  Have you ever seen a happy mom with 3boys, overcoming a cold, and broken dishwasher, husband out of town and fall break coming up?  Well it last three days and then I broke.  When my son (the high schooler) started to tell me I was speaking to him wrong I blew it.  Not just a little.  In a big way.  Throwing paperwork in the air and a cuss word flew.  (gassp! who me, yes )   Oh God thank you for your GRACE. WHy? I have no idea, I just did and felt awful afterward.  I went three whole days.  Three whole days fighting the good fight.  Does that mean I give up and don’t try to smile at anything sent my way and laugh in the face of adversity?  NO Way.  So I blew it.  Does that mean I don’t try anymore?  My favorite line from my favorite song How he loves me is: If grace were an ocean we all be sinking.

Yes I have days I yell and then have to tell my kids how much I love them and that I am sorry.  Give them big hugs and start over.  I know this would make some of you gasp at the thought.  I live life passionately.  I guess my passion has a good side and a bad side.  But, God loves me still. Even when I yell or as someone once said, “kicked the dog”.  That makes me gasp.  Funny, I have yet to do that.  It’s all relative right?  My point is that when we set a goal and fail.  Don’t GIVE UP!   Just make the next day better and start anew again.

Oh, that’s right the sunday doodle.  I have two to show you.  I was drawing pictures all weekend and then God told me to give them away.  I have two left to show you.  Here they are:


Remember even if you “kicked the dog” there is grace.  Decide right then that you are going to do better next time.  Make this world beautiful by making beautiful choices and not pretending to be perfect.

Love you all


Giving birth to an Idea

Okay world changers out there.  Do you know the feeling you get when an idea as it’s being birthed?  I have given birth to three amazing boys.  In the beginning you have no idea that something is about to change your whole world. Things just don’t seem the same anymore.  Your taste buds begin to change and things you once found fun bore you.  You feel different but you don’t know why.  The next phase is the acknowledgement of your new intruder.  You knew something was happening but you didn’t know what.  You still are not sure of this new thing But, at least  you realize you were not crazy.  Then comes the full on can’t sleep, eat, or pee without knowing its there.  This is the same when you are on the verge of an idea that will change the world.  The idea is there but you’re not sure what it is.  You just know you don’t want life the way it has been.  The idea becomes so overcoming you know what is it.  But, you are still unsure of it.  It’s scary and could change everything.  Then comes the end.  But unlike child-birth and the baby comes whether you want  it to or not, this is your choice.  You know the idea, you have been wrestling with it daily, and it’s time.  It’s time to give birth.

Will you give birth and allow it to change the rest of your life.


Will you let it die in FEAR  that it might change the rest of your life

Don’t let your idea die.  Run with it and take it on for all it is.  In the beginning treat it with care.  Only sharing it with a special few who will do the same.  Then as the idea grows and begins to develop a life of its own you can run with it.  Show it to the world.  Some will doubt, other will think it’s ugly.  But just like a baby.  There are no ugly babies to its mother.  Who cares what others will think or do.  It’s your baby, you are putting in the time and work.  You nurture it and care for it.  The idea keeps you up at night and haunts your dreams.  It becomes the key to you making a difference in this world.

 Don’t let your dreams die.

a page from my art journal.

What ideas have you let die and why?  What ideas are birthing inside of you?  

Living life to the fullest


Post office Drama

I have been having post office drama for the last few weeks.  It’s as if the postal service has boycotted my life.  They must have known that I am trying to de-stress my life and thought to themselves this must not happen.  Amanda must stay in a stressed attitude, “Let’s mess with her”.

First off my once again wonderful husband purchased a book for me from Amazon.  I have been so excited about getting this book.  Yet amazon, or the person selling on Amazon decided three weeks before shipping was, in their words, “In record time and before excepted.”   The other item I have been waiting for was my phone.  Not just any phone but my new iphone5, which my husband pre ordered for me.  My husband, received his iphone5 five days before I received mine.  Did you know that UPS does not let you pick it up after business hours?  My phone missed its flight one day, then I was at my son’s karate test the other day, which happened to be a Saturday.  That meant I had to wait till Monday to get it.  Which “could” be delivered between 9am-9pm.  I woke up and ate breakfast by the door in anticipation. I cleared my whole schedule for the day to be home. My phone was attempted to be delivered on Sat at 9am. So I thought that might be the time it would be delivered on Monday. 9:15 came around and I really needed to use the bathroom and still no phone.  I hurried up did my thang and rang out straight to the door to check for a missed tag.  Nope nothing.  Around 12pm I had to bring my son to school and I went straight there and straight back.  Still nothing.  I felt as if I was being held hostage in my own home my UPS.  My husband got to the house around 3:30 just in time for us to play tag team and I could go get the other boys.  By the time I got home at 4:30, still NOTHING. I started to check the tracking at 5pm when I heard the truck pull up.  By this time I was more irritated at getting my phone and all it took to get it.  Yet, it was worth it all.  I haven’t had a smart phone in two years since I smashed my EVO. It feels so great to be in the functioning world again.

If that was my only postal drama that would be great.  Let’s go back to that book that was ordered and what seemed as if it would never get here.  Once it was shipped it seemed to take forever to get here.  About few weeks into ordering it a key appeared in my mail box.  It’s my son’s job to get the mail but, since I wanted this book I was checking it everyday.  I was so elated to see that key.  I took it out, found the box, and opened it.  Guess what was inside?  Another KEY.  I laughed it off, our post person must have such a humor and then opened the other box.  But, the other box wouldn’t open, not even a little, Not even with pliers.  That was probably not legal but, at this time I didn’t care.  I put the key back in my box with a sad face sticky note explaining the problem.  Next day, still there.  So I put the key in the out mall box.  That worked and the next day I finally got my book.

The good thing is that this week was not a waste.  I finished two paintings I have been working on. I’m going to enter them into a Bohemian art show.  Check them out below.  I hope you have been having an amazing life and fulfilling your dreams along the way.

Till next time