Art Rage Application for the artist

I am in love with my ipad.  Not to mention with Siri.  Siri has change this scattered brain artist in to an organized diva.  I just love saying, ” Remind me in two hours to eat.”  Or remind me to have my son take out the garbage tomorrow.  I have her spell words for me, take random notes and send all kinds of things to my evernote.  Never again will I miss out on an idea.  She texts for me whiles I am driving and this is all on my ipad.  My iphone 5 has been shipped and I have been waiting two years to get an iphone once again.  I can not wait till it get’s here.  Oh my sweet lovely ipad.  I was given it by my husband as a promise.  I was having a hard time loosing weight and needed motivation.  I dropped 20lbs and as promised he bought me an ipad.  I love that man.

There are so many apps out there for artist.  It would take forever to rate them all and there are plenty of websites that do that.  I just wanted to let you know about one I have been playing with and I am really enjoying.  You can’t always take your art studio with you but you can always have a way to create, share, and explore.

Art Rage

I am so new at this painting on ipad thing.  But this application is amazing.  I love trying the different oil, watercolors,pens and markers.  You can also start with a variety of papers.  You can determine the wetness of your colors and papers. The website I just found out has tutorials and more.  I just love being able to put ideas on the ipad when I am on the go or keeping it by my beside for those sleepless nights.

Here is one that I have created:


And here is someone creating one: ( I love this idea.  Then you could just send it straight to the person via email and such.  I also and stylus envy. Not to mention talent envy.)



Love to hear if you have a favorite application you have been using lately.  Here is a link to an article on: 30 Application for Creatives and Designers


Have an amazing creative Day!!



Get great pics

Becoming a better blogger is not just about staying consistent with posting.  All though you wouldn’t have blog without post. It seems to me that what really makes a difference in blogs is the layout and having amazing pictures.  If you have noticed, to do anything online now days, you are excepted to have amazing professional photography.

What happens when you are not a photographer?  Better yet, how about the cost of some of those camera’s?  There are some amazing photographers out there and I love looking at their sites.  For me I love focusing on my art and other things. I would love to be able to have better pictures for my blog without having to take a whole bunch of classes and buy an expensive camera. Recently, I have found two applications that solve almost all my photography problems.


Photo Studio

You are going to love these applications.  They give you amazing range of lenses, borders, and text.  Each one also will allow you to connect to social media markets and get your information out there.  I just started using them and I am trying to get better at taking a few extra moments to use the app before posting pictures on my blog.  Here is what I have experienced.

Instagram: This application is getting very popular by the general public.  It allows you to post to your facebook and has followers of it’s own. It has about 18 lenses and two different blur options.  But not much from that.  You can send it to facebook, twitter or email.  It’s great to use as your camera instead of reaching for the camera lens go for your instagram.

Some photos taken with Instagram



Photo Studio

This is my favorite application for taking pictures to date.  There is so much you can do with this application. Just to start with you have a huge number of options on how you want the application to work with you.  You can take a picture, use one on your device, or upload one from facebook or other.  It has the capability of cropping and has 189 different effects.  Some of the effects are different borders.  You have many options of adjusting and even a color splash tool.  Then my favorite part for bloggers and artist is the ability to put text on the picture.  I have a whole tutorial I created just by pictures I will be sharing soon.  The other great thing about text is the issue with pinterest.  When you have your name on a picture it is easy to trace back to you.  Once you are done you can save, upload to facebook,twiiter,instagram,print,export,postacards and more.  It by far has been my new favorite toy.


Here are some pictures from Photo studio.



Let me know if you try these applications and what you think. Also, if you have a favorite application let me know about it.  If you would like I would love to have a guest blogger share there tips and tricks.

Have an amazing great day


PS: The guy is my husband, the girl is me and the dog is the best dog ever named Asia.  The boys just love her dearly.

Blog tips and ideas

Hey all you bloggers out there and I know there are a lot of you. I have noticed that most of those who liked my page are other amazing artist who blog. I love checking out your pages and discovering new artist each and every day. Each one of you are such inspiration to a new artist like me. As you may know I have been trying to learn how to improve my blogging and I have found some fun tricks. Not only that I am addicted to my iPad and art apps that improve upon my art and blogging. So I thought why not start sharing with you my little fun nuggets of information I have been finding. Most of my tips and tools will be with using an iPad and integrating it with your computer and WordPress.

What do you think? Ready for the first tibit?

WORDPRESS for Android

So this may be old news to most of you.  I thought if I am going to share my tools with you I should start with the first.  These apps let you blog on the go with your android or apple device.  You can also post blogs by texting but I love to integrate pictures and being visual type person, I really want to be able to see the whole thing first.

The apps work great and they are fast easy way to get your ideas on page when they are still fresh.  I haven’t worked with the android as much. But here are two tips that I found useful for the mac version.

2 Tips for the WordPress app with iOS.

-There is a drop down tab that you can choose to create as a draft or publish immediately.
-You can take a picture and upload it right away to your blog.  Or upload from another app. More on this to come.

There are other apps out there that allow you to blog.  I just haven’t tried them. If you know of one would love to here about it.

My son has wrestling today which means a longer day in the studio.  I am so excited!

Hope you have a wonderful blessed creative day.


Using Color in your art- from the shrink’s point of view

Using Color in your art- looking at it from the shrink’s point of view.

Art that sells and get’s notice is art that stirs emotion inside of you. Have you ever looked at a painting and felt a stirring in you chest?  There is a reason for that and a way to recreate those emotions in others.  For years culture all around the world have known and understood about colors and how they can heal, create, and serve a purpose in life. When I was in India is was very clear that the culture knew and understood the power of color.

Next time you sit down to start a new project ask yourself what emotion do you want people to feel when they look at this piece. Try creating a color swatch and put it in view of where you are creating the art.  Use it as a guide as you paint, cut, collage, mix, splash and sew something into existence.

Here is a look at colors and some of the things they can represent and cause you to feel.


+) Purity, spiritual,innocence

-) cold, fear, mourning,sterile

RED- Stimulates strong emotions.




+)love,romance,innocence, girls,subdue

ORANGE- been knowing for healing properties by increasing blood to the brain

+)energy,enthusiasm,sunshine,tropical,joy,fascination,happy,encouragement,stimulation,action,creativity,sexual desire, (golden form)-wealth,prestige

-) deceit,distrust,aggression

“whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.” Legally Blonde





The physiology today report said that babies cry more in yellow rooms and that people loose their tempers more. This can’t be a good combination people!  We should ban yellow from babies rooms.




+)calming,spring,tranquility, good luck,money,nature,peace







-)overly romantic,sentimental,injury,artificial


BLACK- Is the absence of color, it absorbs all light

+)Sexual,sophisticated, formal,slimming


If you want to learn more here are two websites that had a ton of great information: