Giving birth to an Idea

Okay world changers out there.  Do you know the feeling you get when an idea as it’s being birthed?  I have given birth to three amazing boys.  In the beginning you have no idea that something is about to change your whole world. Things just don’t seem the same anymore.  Your taste buds begin to change and things you once found fun bore you.  You feel different but you don’t know why.  The next phase is the acknowledgement of your new intruder.  You knew something was happening but you didn’t know what.  You still are not sure of this new thing But, at least  you realize you were not crazy.  Then comes the full on can’t sleep, eat, or pee without knowing its there.  This is the same when you are on the verge of an idea that will change the world.  The idea is there but you’re not sure what it is.  You just know you don’t want life the way it has been.  The idea becomes so overcoming you know what is it.  But, you are still unsure of it.  It’s scary and could change everything.  Then comes the end.  But unlike child-birth and the baby comes whether you want  it to or not, this is your choice.  You know the idea, you have been wrestling with it daily, and it’s time.  It’s time to give birth.

Will you give birth and allow it to change the rest of your life.


Will you let it die in FEAR  that it might change the rest of your life

Don’t let your idea die.  Run with it and take it on for all it is.  In the beginning treat it with care.  Only sharing it with a special few who will do the same.  Then as the idea grows and begins to develop a life of its own you can run with it.  Show it to the world.  Some will doubt, other will think it’s ugly.  But just like a baby.  There are no ugly babies to its mother.  Who cares what others will think or do.  It’s your baby, you are putting in the time and work.  You nurture it and care for it.  The idea keeps you up at night and haunts your dreams.  It becomes the key to you making a difference in this world.

 Don’t let your dreams die.

a page from my art journal.

What ideas have you let die and why?  What ideas are birthing inside of you?  

Living life to the fullest