Crazy girl

Just a doodle by me.. I’m working on a series of these to go with a book I’m writing


Post office Drama

I have been having post office drama for the last few weeks.  It’s as if the postal service has boycotted my life.  They must have known that I am trying to de-stress my life and thought to themselves this must not happen.  Amanda must stay in a stressed attitude, “Let’s mess with her”.

First off my once again wonderful husband purchased a book for me from Amazon.  I have been so excited about getting this book.  Yet amazon, or the person selling on Amazon decided three weeks before shipping was, in their words, “In record time and before excepted.”   The other item I have been waiting for was my phone.  Not just any phone but my new iphone5, which my husband pre ordered for me.  My husband, received his iphone5 five days before I received mine.  Did you know that UPS does not let you pick it up after business hours?  My phone missed its flight one day, then I was at my son’s karate test the other day, which happened to be a Saturday.  That meant I had to wait till Monday to get it.  Which “could” be delivered between 9am-9pm.  I woke up and ate breakfast by the door in anticipation. I cleared my whole schedule for the day to be home. My phone was attempted to be delivered on Sat at 9am. So I thought that might be the time it would be delivered on Monday. 9:15 came around and I really needed to use the bathroom and still no phone.  I hurried up did my thang and rang out straight to the door to check for a missed tag.  Nope nothing.  Around 12pm I had to bring my son to school and I went straight there and straight back.  Still nothing.  I felt as if I was being held hostage in my own home my UPS.  My husband got to the house around 3:30 just in time for us to play tag team and I could go get the other boys.  By the time I got home at 4:30, still NOTHING. I started to check the tracking at 5pm when I heard the truck pull up.  By this time I was more irritated at getting my phone and all it took to get it.  Yet, it was worth it all.  I haven’t had a smart phone in two years since I smashed my EVO. It feels so great to be in the functioning world again.

If that was my only postal drama that would be great.  Let’s go back to that book that was ordered and what seemed as if it would never get here.  Once it was shipped it seemed to take forever to get here.  About few weeks into ordering it a key appeared in my mail box.  It’s my son’s job to get the mail but, since I wanted this book I was checking it everyday.  I was so elated to see that key.  I took it out, found the box, and opened it.  Guess what was inside?  Another KEY.  I laughed it off, our post person must have such a humor and then opened the other box.  But, the other box wouldn’t open, not even a little, Not even with pliers.  That was probably not legal but, at this time I didn’t care.  I put the key back in my box with a sad face sticky note explaining the problem.  Next day, still there.  So I put the key in the out mall box.  That worked and the next day I finally got my book.

The good thing is that this week was not a waste.  I finished two paintings I have been working on. I’m going to enter them into a Bohemian art show.  Check them out below.  I hope you have been having an amazing life and fulfilling your dreams along the way.

Till next time

Patterns and Starbucks

In Highlands Ranch where I live they just moved two Starbucks. Each one was place directly across the street from the previous one and a drive through added on. I love Starbucks and was secretly wishing they just opened up two more. I am known of my love for Starbucks. But lately they are making some changes that are very upsetting. With my gold card I used to be able to get free syrups and milk upgrade. They are no longer offering this. They are still offering my free refills for black coffee and tea. EXPECT not on the CLOVER. Have you seen one? They wanted to charge me $5 for one cup of black coffee on this machine. The girl at the counter let me have a less expensive brew, Gold Coast, my favorite as a refill. She was very sweet and now I am super nervous they just may have got me hooked. Is it that it’s more expensive or I that I feel special when they are making it? Watching the machine breath up and down giving life to my one cup of coffee just for me has a special feel to it.

I love getting that special treatment. I think everyone loves feeling special.

Would you like to feel special? I have compiled some pattern pictures just for you and if those leave you wanting more… Just out my pintrest Patterns Patterns Everywhere


I love looking for patterns to use in my art.





Ocean Art

I miss the ocean like crazy.  I dream about walking on its sandy beaches and allowing mother nature to naturally exfoliate my feet.  I dream about my old surf board and wanting to wake up before the sunrises and running to the beach to surf.  The dolphins that would greet me in the morning as if we all knew that moment was bigger than us.  I want to paint the ocean.  I live in Colorado.  My husband laughed at me when I told him I wanted to paint and decorate ocean things but I couldn’t.  He didn’t understand why I couldn’t.  I guess I feel as if I would be a poser since I no longer live near the ocean.  He doesn’t think so and told me to look at pictures and get to painting.  In the process I have decided to take up windsurfing.  I think I’m going to return the coach purse (outlet only $120) that I just bought and start saving up for one on craigslist.  I’m dying to be near the water again and I live 5min from one lake and 15min from another.  So here it is.. while I am learning the new hobby of windsurfing I will paint the ocean.  I spent an hour or so yesterday collecting pictures.

You can see my collection on my pintrest at:

And of course I must put it to action and I made a friend in the form of a little seahorse and gave him away.

I’m really into making beaded wrap bracelets right now and my friend, who is moving to the ocean, gave over to learn.  I made her a clip board out of cardboard and drew a little seahorse on it.  I think I am really going to love creating ocean art.  If I can’t be at the ocean I will bring it to me.

Have an amazing day


I’ve been working out.. ALOT


One of my newest endeavors is getting in shape.  About five weeks ago my husband and I started on our journey of fitness.  I got so excited about it I started a blog about it.  It’s one of the things, the blog is, that I am giving up to make room for more important things in my life.  My husband is loosing a ton of weight and is looking great.  I have lost a couple of pounds, one dress size and 9% of my body fat.  My jeans are very loose.  I sometimes want to stop and it gets crazy trying to cook all the food for all six meals a day per person but, it’s gonna be worth it.  I try to drink a gallon of water a day and I love to draw and paste on my waterbottles. The girl above was one of those drawings.  I went a whole four weeks without giving in.  Lately I have been tempted and “tasting” foods that should not be going into my mouth.  But, today the coolest thing happend in my Zumba class.  I noticed one of the older women in the class was having an off day.  I went over and asked if everything was okay.  Her husband just had surgery and she was exhausted.  At the end of class I asked if I could pray for her and she let me.  God is moving in small ways each and every day.  Things are about to get fired up.

Have an amazing crazy beautiful night.