Post office Drama

I have been having post office drama for the last few weeks.  It’s as if the postal service has boycotted my life.  They must have known that I am trying to de-stress my life and thought to themselves this must not happen.  Amanda must stay in a stressed attitude, “Let’s mess with her”.

First off my once again wonderful husband purchased a book for me from Amazon.  I have been so excited about getting this book.  Yet amazon, or the person selling on Amazon decided three weeks before shipping was, in their words, “In record time and before excepted.”   The other item I have been waiting for was my phone.  Not just any phone but my new iphone5, which my husband pre ordered for me.  My husband, received his iphone5 five days before I received mine.  Did you know that UPS does not let you pick it up after business hours?  My phone missed its flight one day, then I was at my son’s karate test the other day, which happened to be a Saturday.  That meant I had to wait till Monday to get it.  Which “could” be delivered between 9am-9pm.  I woke up and ate breakfast by the door in anticipation. I cleared my whole schedule for the day to be home. My phone was attempted to be delivered on Sat at 9am. So I thought that might be the time it would be delivered on Monday. 9:15 came around and I really needed to use the bathroom and still no phone.  I hurried up did my thang and rang out straight to the door to check for a missed tag.  Nope nothing.  Around 12pm I had to bring my son to school and I went straight there and straight back.  Still nothing.  I felt as if I was being held hostage in my own home my UPS.  My husband got to the house around 3:30 just in time for us to play tag team and I could go get the other boys.  By the time I got home at 4:30, still NOTHING. I started to check the tracking at 5pm when I heard the truck pull up.  By this time I was more irritated at getting my phone and all it took to get it.  Yet, it was worth it all.  I haven’t had a smart phone in two years since I smashed my EVO. It feels so great to be in the functioning world again.

If that was my only postal drama that would be great.  Let’s go back to that book that was ordered and what seemed as if it would never get here.  Once it was shipped it seemed to take forever to get here.  About few weeks into ordering it a key appeared in my mail box.  It’s my son’s job to get the mail but, since I wanted this book I was checking it everyday.  I was so elated to see that key.  I took it out, found the box, and opened it.  Guess what was inside?  Another KEY.  I laughed it off, our post person must have such a humor and then opened the other box.  But, the other box wouldn’t open, not even a little, Not even with pliers.  That was probably not legal but, at this time I didn’t care.  I put the key back in my box with a sad face sticky note explaining the problem.  Next day, still there.  So I put the key in the out mall box.  That worked and the next day I finally got my book.

The good thing is that this week was not a waste.  I finished two paintings I have been working on. I’m going to enter them into a Bohemian art show.  Check them out below.  I hope you have been having an amazing life and fulfilling your dreams along the way.

Till next time

Not everything works out


Sunday was an interesting day full of emotions and wonderment.  My living situation is turning out to be a huge stress in my life that will end on me moving once again on Dec 1st.  Who moves in the middle of the holiday season? When most people are putting up a tree I will looking for a new home. I have been emotionally trying to grasp and understand situations and the actions of others in my life.  I want so badly to trust those around me, yet I keep getting disappointed.  Maybe that is why Jesus said to forgive over and over again.  I think it’s 70×7. A number that none of us would ever want to get to for just one person.

Sunday I woke up feeling an urge to let it all out and paint like a wild crazy person.  So after church I headed home with two extra teenagers in tow and broke out the paints.  Only to find I needed more paint. Dragged all three teens, two kids and one husband to Michaels and then game stop and finally back home. Once I gathered all my supplies I broke out a huge drop cloth and made an easel against the porch outside.  I started dripping and spraying and splattering paint everywhere.  I don’t like how it turned out but, it was fun to play.  Not everything works out.  My living situation, my art, and most of the time my cooking.  But, it’s what we learn in the process that grows us and turns us into the person we will become.  How we choose to treat those around us.  How we choose to react to the situations before us. Each action drives us to the destination of who you are becoming.  We all have a choose to become the person you want to be.

So next time you want to call someone and chew them out.  Think about what that action will make you.  What place will that action bring you to.  For the last few days I have struggled with wanting to make a phone call to a very “ugly” person in my life right now.  This morning I dove into the word of God and found my secret happy place.  “Lord bring happiness to your servant, I lift up my soul” Ps 86:4.  When I find my self repeating in my head this phone call I now start repeating this verse.  It calms me and brings me back to who I want to be.

Decide who you want to be. Then with each correct choice you make it will bring you one step closer to that goal. Don’t worry about when you don’t make the right choice. Just decide next time that you will.

Before I ruined it.  But nothing is ever a total lost with art.  That’s what I love about it.

I will just turn it into something beter.  Just later.

Last day with Hero

I have to say that I am not the kind of person to get too sappy over her children.  But, Hero my youngest of three boys tends to turn me into the over protective, anxious, crying at each milestone mother.  Maybe, it’s because I know there is no medical way that I could ever carry a child again.  He is my official last child from my womb.  I thought about the first time he walked and instead of rejoicing that he walked I cried that I will be have a child that crawls. The first time he could make his own milk was the last time he would need me for that.  There has been many first that were also the last. Today is a big first last, as today is the last day I will have a child home all day.  Tomorrow my little Hero will start kindergarten.  I am no longer the only one in his life that will teach him.  I am no longer the only woman in his life that ties his shoes, or helps him when he is hurt.  I will be sharing him with someone I just met.  A woman who is full of energy and seems really fun.  In her classroom he will experience first that I will not be there for.  She will now get to be part of his life and I will have to hear about it in the car on the way home.  I hope she will cherish each moment she gets the honor to witness of Hero Foltz experiencing life.

Here is a shout out to all you mom’s who have chosen to do the same thing.  To all you moms who have cried on the first day of your child going back to school.  I cried when a few weeks ago my oldest started high school and I know I will cry when Hero starts kindergarten tomorrow.  They even have a special coffee date called Boo Whoo for all of us crying moms to attend.  I will also be full of joy that my middle son Zion has reached middle school.  I know how hard he has worked and struggled to get there and how much he wants to succeed.

As for me and all my free time.  Here is where the joke is on me.  After dropping off my oldest at High School around 7:15am I have to come back to grab Zion for middle school and drop him off at 8:00.  Then it’s just me and Hero until I need to drop him off at 12:30.  Freedom, right? Not really.  I have to turn around and get Cody at 2:45 and then Zion and Hero at 3:30.

So what am I going to do with my whole two hours?  I am going to paint and paint and paint some more.  I can not wait til I can paint.  I will come home turn off the computer and phone and find love in my art studio.  This is something I have been waiting for, longing for a good two undistributed hours in my day to paint.  Oh the things I will create the ideas I have.  To finish my book I have been working on and to start a new business or two.  In two hours I could change the world. Watch me and see if you just believe that two hours to me is eternity.

With all my love and excitement for what this year will hold

Amanda Foltz


Hero and Me.  He is such a cutie!!

My 14year old who is always eating!!

Zion who is always climbing something.  Yes my boys climb the walls.

Somedays it gets crazy around here.


Ocean Art

I miss the ocean like crazy.  I dream about walking on its sandy beaches and allowing mother nature to naturally exfoliate my feet.  I dream about my old surf board and wanting to wake up before the sunrises and running to the beach to surf.  The dolphins that would greet me in the morning as if we all knew that moment was bigger than us.  I want to paint the ocean.  I live in Colorado.  My husband laughed at me when I told him I wanted to paint and decorate ocean things but I couldn’t.  He didn’t understand why I couldn’t.  I guess I feel as if I would be a poser since I no longer live near the ocean.  He doesn’t think so and told me to look at pictures and get to painting.  In the process I have decided to take up windsurfing.  I think I’m going to return the coach purse (outlet only $120) that I just bought and start saving up for one on craigslist.  I’m dying to be near the water again and I live 5min from one lake and 15min from another.  So here it is.. while I am learning the new hobby of windsurfing I will paint the ocean.  I spent an hour or so yesterday collecting pictures.

You can see my collection on my pintrest at:

And of course I must put it to action and I made a friend in the form of a little seahorse and gave him away.

I’m really into making beaded wrap bracelets right now and my friend, who is moving to the ocean, gave over to learn.  I made her a clip board out of cardboard and drew a little seahorse on it.  I think I am really going to love creating ocean art.  If I can’t be at the ocean I will bring it to me.

Have an amazing day


DIY-Drop Cloth Rug

I finally tried to make a drop cloth rug.  It was quite the adventure.  If I was to do it again I would varnish first and then paint.  Or even prime it with kills or gesso instead of varnish.  I painted the clear varnish on with a paint brush and it turned ugly color.  I’m going to re-do the rug when I get time.  Someone suggested spraying the varnish on with spray can. I also sewed hemp crosses all they way around the rug to give it more texture and made a patch with the number 5 out of an old bank bag.

I just did a new search and found an even better tutorial that has lots of different ones on it for lots of ideas.  I used the zebra rug tutorial.  I find it’s kinda odd on carpet but it vacuums well.  Dirt just accumulates at the feet on the train table.

Here is the link to do your own: DIY Drop cloth rug


The varnish left a yellow stain that I did not like.  So I repainted it this last week.  The cool thing is that the first design still shows through and gives it such character.



This post took a month or so to write with a lot of drama in between.  The main thing is that you can really paint on just about anything.  Just make sure you have the right type of paint and go for it.  I love how this rug works and cleans up.  With having three boys in the house it just didn’t make sense buying a $100 rug every year.   This way I get to create the room I want and change it up whenever I want for the fraction of the price.

Love to see yours if you decide to go for it.

Have an amazing day


My dad’s present

A little while ago I discovered the joy of painting on a box that looks like a book. I love the idea for gifts.  As an artist I really enjoying making something special for a love one.  I also understand that people only have so much wall space and some are very particular about how that space is used.  By painting on these boxes they can be displayed on a shelf or slipped in with the other books.  Here is a look at what I made my dad.

Have an amazing day


I still like me

When my husband is out-of-town I get lots of time in the studio.  I’ve been painting away.  I just finished a book box that has been on my to do shelf for a really long time.  I used a Michael’s book box and then collaged it with dictionary pages.  Then I painted and collage some more with handmade papers.  I placed one of my doodles from the Sunday doodles on the front.  I love the way it looks and turned out.  Better yet it fits on the bookshelf and you can place all those doodles inside that don’t have a place yet.


Take a look:

I re did the doodle on a book page and below it says, “I still like me”


Hope your having a wonderful creative day.



Art Journal: Creating a Background

Start with a blank page in your art journal.  Some like to make a whole bunch of backgrounds at one time.  I am learning that I hate mass production and love sitting down to a blank canvass.  There is something calming about starting a new thing.  You will have to determine what you like and how you work.

You will need a glue mixture.  For my art journals I use elmers glue with 1 cup water and 1/4 cup of glue.  I keep it in a tub so it never dries out.  For my fine art I use Mod Podge with the same dilution or straight gel matte medium with no dilution.

I have a drawer full of scraps from previous projects that I love to reach into and just grab something out.  Like when you were a kid and at the dollar store they had the $1 grab bags and you couldn’t wait to see what you got. If you don’t have a grab box just start with tearing pages out of a romance novel or dictionary.

Today we will create a very random background with no particular picture in mind.

Start by pasting down the pages in a very random method.  If you have a hard time being random try this: Coat the blank journal page with glue and sprinkle the book pages over the page.  Use an old brush to brush the glue mixture over the book pages.  I like using a paint brush from home depot that is very inexpensive.

Next you want to lay down a background of colors.  In celebration of Spring I will be laying down a yellow and pink background.  You can use stencils to add shapes and texture to the background.

Have fun creating your amazing backgrounds.  I would love to see what your up to.  Also this tutorial will be available on you tube.

Have a crazy amazing day


Art Journaling: Introduction

I have had reservations when I first heard about Art Journaling.  I thought that it was a waste of time and why would I create an art journal that no one would see.  Then I started one and I feel in love.  It’s so freeing to create on such a non-judgemental medium.  I can paint and collage without wondering who will buy it and who will like it.  The creation is just for me and it teaches me to do better and be better.  The trick to art journaling is to learn to lighten up.  It teaches you to not take your art so seriously. There is no right way and there is no wrong way in creating an art journal.

Here is a simple way of getting started

  • The platform for your Art journal

What inspires you?  Is it old books, a fresh notebook, newspapers, fabric. choose a platform that inspires you to be creative.

  • Create a creative base

You may want to gesso to book pages or newspaper.  Maybe create some watercolor washes.  Or leave the pages blank to see what the day my bring.

  •  Each day

As you sit in your studio or at your kitchen table, open up your art journal.  Create, doodle, draw, collage paint.  Use your journal to get your creative juices flowing.

Stuck on ideas?  I clip things that inspire me out of magazines, I take Evernote ( clips of art I love or even use your pin board ( to get inspired.  I keep the clippings in a folder and grab one out when I am stuck.  It’s amazing how copying things you love and help you create something of your very own.

Most of  all have fun creating things you love.

I would love to see what adventures you are creating.  Share them in the comments and lets all inspire each other.

Below are a few pages from one of my art journals.





Paint like a crazy woman in love with Art

For the love of art I paint like a crazy woman.  I woke up at 6:00am this Saturday morning no longer wanting to dream of what I could create.  I jumped out of bed and threw on a sweater with some comfy pants.  I just about ran downstairs to make coffee only to dash back up the stairs to my studio.  I’ve been working on a project of the ocean and couldn’t wait to work on it.  My sewing machine had other plans.  Both of my sewing machines had other plans.  I was half expecting trouble from the Beast but not from the one my grandma just gave me.  Instead of spending the morning screaming at a machine I picked up a paint brush.  This week I found a book, okay twenty, books at the library.  It’s been inspiring flipping through the pages and gather ideas and inspiration. One book caught my attention and has tons of amazing ideas.  The book is called, Art at the Speed of LIfe by Pam Carriker.  I decided to give the ideas a test drive and had a great time.  While the paint dried I fixed my beast for a moment and was able to get in some stitching. Until it broke again.

Flipping through those inspiring books and magazines gave me an idea to start a resource page.  As I find some amazing resources I will add to the list.  I would love suggestions of your favorite books or artist that inspire you. LIfe is too short to stare at a blank page.  If you mind is blank copy someones till you develop your own.


  • Worked on Lab 2 in Drawing for Mix Media artist. Fell in love with giraffes.  They are so cute and very fun to draw
  • Went to the library and stocked up lots of inspiring books.
  • Started a major project that will end in a beautiful ocean
  • Paint, draw, create and much much more.  Just about every day was spent creating and enjoying life.
  • I made the cutest apron.  If you live in Denver you have to check out the store Fabric Bliss.


A few things I learned this week:

  • You can’t soak paper in the tub with bleach.  It will start to break apart and end in a mess.  I placed it on freezer paper to see if I could save it.
  • Gesso is very useful.  I used to think it was a waste till I started to use it a lot more. Your paint glides on to the surface so much better with a gesso base.